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    A New Fan Theory About "Stranger Things" Might Spoil The Whole Fourth Season For You

    Massive spoiler warning here.

    If you want the plot of Stranger Things Season 4 to remain a surprise, then please close your eyes immediately. I repeat: Do not read on.


    Even though Season 3 was just released on July 4, there are already some clues coming into focus that reveal a little about how the story will continue.


    First there was the Season 4 teaser, which inspired dozens of very convincing fan theories.

    And many of them have to do with Chief Jim Hopper being alive, or at least still being a part of the show.


    Could he be trapped in the Upside Down?


    Were all of those Back to the Future references leading up to something?

    OKAY THEORY so in hoppers letter in the finale he says he wishes he could β€˜turn back the clocks’ ok now the BIO what if.... eleven goes back in time.... to save ... hopper ... but ... cant ... save ... herself ,., #StrangerThings4

    Netflix sure seems to want us to think that time isn't insignificant.

    @notearstroian time definitely has significance this season πŸ‘€

    Plus, David Harbour himself seemed to confirm that Hopper is still alive when Pete Davidson asked him on SNL, "Didn't you, like, die in here at the end of the show? Are you dead or...?"

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    "No, I don't β€” I mean, I can't β€” I'm not exactly authorized β€” watch the show, you'll find out next season," David said.

    Well, one fan was brave enough to take photos of what appeared to be the set of Stranger Things Season 4 in Rome, Georgia, and share them β€” and they contain a major spoiler: Hopper's car is back on the road!!


    When we last saw his car, it was literally going up in smoke.


    In the fifth episode of Season 3 we saw him trying to fix it, alongside Joyce and Alexei.


    Obviously it didn't pan out and Hopper, Joyce, and Alexei ended up ditching the car in the woods.


    It was definitely in ruins.


    So how can we explain the return of this very vehicle on set??

    @ChihuahuawithBoombox / Reddit

    Well, if there is indeed time traveling to the past, then that would mean that Hopper's car was still intact.

    @ChihuahuawithBoombox / Reddit

    Then again, maybe Hopper's replacement decided to fix up the car or get an identical one.

    Either way, this is pretty monumental.

    When the Reddit user who took the photo encountered a crew member on set, "the crew member said, 'You don't see Hopper's Blazer. You won't tell anyone you saw Hopper's Blazer, which you don't see. If you don't leave we will have you arrested."

    Carry on with your theorizing.