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    Rihanna Let Her Pimple "Shine" Bright Like A Diamond In Her First Selfie Of 2020


    Rihanna is flawless. That is just a fact. Her latest selfie — the first one of 2020 — is no exception.

    When RiRi shared an update on her look these days, she went makeup-free for it, and to some fans' surprise, she put a pimple on full display.

    She was glowing with happiness when she posed for her first selfie, which she shared on Twitter and Instagram.

    first selfie of the year doe. #2020

    It was when she shared it on Instagram, though, that the pimple became a talking point. When one person commented, "Let me pop your pimple," Rihanna came back with the best response.

    "Let her have her shine, PLEASE," she wrote.

    Rihanna's love for her pimple is one more reason to love Rihanna, TBH.

    Many fans suspected there may have been a deeper meaning behind the selfie, though — like, could this be part of a larger plan to unveil a Fenty skincare line??

    Fenty skin in beta testing I see

    Some people are convinced the answer is yes.

    2017: Fenty Beauty 2018: Savage X 2019: FENTY 2020: Fenty Skin

    Rihanna's putting this pic with a pimple and some months later she will release Fenty Skin and prove how it cleared this pimple. A smart businesswoman, I Stan!

    Business decision or not, Rihanna is truly a boss for freeing the pimple.