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    Rihanna Thinks It's "Gangster" That Vogue Writer Interviewed Her Without Putting Together Questions

    She doesn't think there's any controversy.

    If you spent any time on Twitter when Rihanna's recent Vogue cover story went live then you're likely aware of what many people immediately gravitated toward: The writer's confession that she was just "winging it" when she met RiRi.

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    People were very opinionated about this particular tidbit.

    lord, may I one day have the confidence of a Vogue writer who arrives at an interview with RIHANNA without a list of questions they had pulled together and ordered and reordered after months and months of research.

    if someone knocked on my door at this very moment and said "get in the car you're interviewing rihanna," I would pick writing down a few questions over putting my shoes on

    It didn't take long after these kinds of reactions started piling up for the writer of the cover story, Abby Aguirre, to share her perspective.

    GUYS. I was driving to Trader Joe's in sweatpants when I got the call and literally had to flip a bitch. I research my subjects to death. *Especially* Rihanna. I appreciate the anger behind the reaction. But this is a misunderstanding, for which I take full responsibility.

    Well, Rihanna has since responded to this whole situation. When asked about her thoughts on the writer "winging it," Rihanna told WWD, "That’s gangster."

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    RiRi was super impressed with how the piece turned out. "For you to get a call the day before being like, ‘Hey, Rihanna’s in L.A., you wanna do this?’ And show up on the dime and write an incredible article that I’m really proud of and enjoyed reading?" she said. "She’s badass for that.”

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    “If you don’t have to prepare, girl, you’re gangster,” she added.

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    As for the writer, she didn't waste any time sharing the WWD article with her own take on it.

    Out here winging it with my big-dick confidence

    I did prepare, genius. Read the whole piece and use your fucking brain.

    Honestly, though, to be alive is to be intimately familiar with every facet of Rihanna's life and career.

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    If you were ever going to "wing" a high-profile celebrity interview, who would be more chill about it than Rihanna?

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