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    Lauren Conrad Wants You To Know That Her Perfect-Looking Holiday Card Was Actually A Real Struggle To Achieve

    "At this point you're just hoping they are delivered before the new year 🤷🏼‍♀️."

    In her post-reality TV life, Lauren Conrad manages to make even the most mundane aspects of adulting look picture-perfect, and, even, fun. But, what you don't always see on her Instagram is the struggle behind-the-scenes.

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    Take this recent family photo, which includes her husband William Tell, their two-year-old Liam James, and their newborn Charlie Wolf. Has any family ever looked more put together while in bed?

    For this year's holiday card, though, Lauren got real about the effort photoshoots like these take to nail down.

    "Happy Holidays!! Time to pin down your children to brush their hair and keep them clean in the outfits you spent hours shopping for, cleaning and laying so you can take 1000 photos all to get one usable option that says, 'We’ve got it together! We always wear this much white and no one in this photo has spit up in their hair,'" she wrote.

    Pets or no pets, Lauren definitely deserves a medal — as does every other parent this time of the year, especially.

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