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    Lana Del Rey, Noted Starbucks Fan, Says She's Actually "Basic"

    Just sitting around, "talking shit all day."

    If there's one thing to know about Lana Del Rey – at least, just from looking at the hundreds of paparazzi photos of her — it's that she loves coffee. Specifically, her preferred form of caffeine is Starbucks.


    You could easily waste away an hour just scrolling through photos of Lana Del Rey toting around Starbucks cups.


    Aside from apparently loving the taste of Starbucks coffee, Lana Del Rey loves hanging out inside the brand's shops.


    In a new interview with Billboard, the West Coast icon casually shared that she spends a lot of time inside Starbucks.

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    Especially when she's in between albums like right now (ahem). Her latest album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, comes out August 30.

    "When the writing has got me, I’m on its schedule," she told Billboard. "But when it leaves me alone, I’m just at Starbucks, talking shit all day.”

    I know what you're thinking: Lana Del Rey, modern witch and vibes queen hangs out among the rest of us normies at Starbucks?

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    It's almost too much to handle.

    But Lana Del Rey says she's proudly "basic." When asked whether or not she fit that profile, she replied, “Oh, I am! I’m actually only that. I’ve got a more eccentric side when it comes to the muse of writing, but I feel very much that writing is not my thing: I’m writing’s thing."

    Lana Del Rey's other favorite activity? Rollerblading along the beach in Newport, California.

    We stan a basic witch.

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