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    Kim Kardashian Is Over "Oversharing" And Just Wants To Lead A More "Private" Life On Social Media

    The end of an era is upon us.

    When you see the name Kim Kardashian, does the word "private" come to mind? Most likely not, considering the reality TV star has built an empire on sharing her life with the world.

    But a new era is upon us, because Kim says that she's now over "oversharing" and instead prefers to lead a much more "private" life on social media.

    Apparently this change started for Kim with her children, which she talked about while serving as a keynote speaker at the 23rd World Congress on Information Technology convention.

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    "I think at the beginning, I didn't know what the word 'privacy' really meant. I was very okay with people knowing every detail of my life," she told the audience.

    "As you get older and you have kids, and you realize you do want to value some privacy, I figured out a really good balance of sharing what I want to share," she explained.

    Kim also talked about the physical danger of oversharing, as a celebrity.

    "I move really cautiously now that I have kids, but I still love to be open and honest and that's who I am... that's my brand," she added.

    She's still trying to figure out how to be both accessible to her fans and protective of her family, though.