Kate Hudson Shared A Rare Pic Of All Of Her Kids Together With A Relatable Caption


    Family photos can be a real struggle to pull off, and over time you learn to take what you can get and be happy with it. For Kate Hudson, getting all three of her kids in one photo is cause for celebration.

    The actor couldn't be any prouder when she shared a recent photo of her three children, and her excitement was fully warranted.

    "Got ‘em again! 3 in 1 pic 😅🥰," she wrote in the caption, adding, "#thankgodforfacetimes #onceinabluemoon."

    Kate recently shared an adorable photo of Rani Rose, who "just showed up for Christmas and she is NOT messing around 🎄." "#toddlerfashion," she added in the caption.

    Back in September, she shared a sweet note to her sons on Instagram, writing, "My boys stole my heart from the first ultra sounds. Ryder must have had his legs crossed, relaxing, and was really really not up for the whole “natural birth process”. He would have stayed in my belly for ever if he had a choice. Bing partied every night around 1-2am. Clearly playing drums and heart beat always loud and proud. He also didn’t want to come out so it looks like my boys were homebodies from the get go. Love my babies. Glad they decided to join me and let me raise them cause they’re extraordinary ❤️."

    But this is the first photo of all three of her children she's shared since July, when she wrote, "Finally got all three to look...ish ❤️😆 #mycrew."

    Luckily for Kate, there will likely be a lot more opportunities for family photos over the holidays.