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Kate Beckinsale Perfectly Responded To Someone Asking Why She "Dates Guys That Could Be Her Children"

She wasn't having it.

As far as underrated celebrity Instagram accounts go, Kate Beckinsale's profile is definitely up there. The actor's grid has all kinds of gems on it.

And most of them have to do with her magnetic cats, to be honest.

This one especially is unforgettable.

Not to forget her dog.

But what's equally worth following her for is whenever Kate jumps into the comments, as she recently did when one person dared to ask about the age difference in her relationships — a question that's typically posed to men far less often.

After Kate shared yet another incredible moment with her cat, which had absolutely nothing to do with her love life, someone asked a very rude question that Kate was quick to respond to.

"Why do you keep dating guys that could be your children?" one person asked, seemingly referencing Kate's current relationship with musician Goody Grace and her past one with Pete Davidson.

Well, Kate had the perfect response: "Every relationship I have had has been solely to annoy you."

This isn't the first time she's addressed age differences. Back in May she said, "It can feel like a little bit of a political act to be a woman over 32 who’s having any fun at all."

Kate, you keep doing you and living your best life.