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Kanye Is Trying To Get People To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On Yeezy Crocs And I'm Speechless

First Ariana Grande, now this.

What Kanye West has done for bike shorts, he is now hoping to do for Crocs. The Yeezy designer has given his official endorsement for the divisive shoe with his own futuristic take on it.

Take a look at the Yeezy Foam Runners — aka Yeezy Crocs — which debut in the Face magazine.

Since the first look at them was shared, people on the internet have been asking the important questions — like, who will actually spend their money on these shoes?

Me when Kanye releases “Yeezy Crocs”

I need to know.

But given Kanye's history selling out Yeezy drops, there will probably be a line to buy them.

@theyeezymafia Nobody: Kanye: You know what’d be dope? We take Crocs. Aight. And we turn them into Yeezy’s...And then we sell ‘em for $300. Adidas Execs:

Some people looked at them and saw something other than Crocs, though.

@theyeezymafia I heard they do great spirals!!

Personally, I just see Ariana Grande's Crocs.

But style is in the eye of the beholder.

@theyeezymafia You vs. The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About

Is Kanye a VSCO girl now?

me: 2018 kanye as a vsco girl: sksksk and i oop-diddy scoop