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    Justin Bieber Put His House Up For Sale On Instagram And, Of Course, The Comments Are Hilarious

    "This is what happens when Hailey isn't home."

    If you've ever wanted a glimpse inside the home that Hailey and Justin Bieber share, well, you're in luck. In the middle of the night, Bieber went on an Instagram spree, uploading photos of his house and asking his followers if anyone wants to buy it.

    In case anyone thought he was joking, Bieber also shared a series of photos, like this one of a wine cellar with a swing and Foosball table, writing, "Home vibes, but I wanna sell it, I think. Anyone interested?"

    He uploaded this artful photo of the kitchen, taken from the floor??

    He gave a look at his living room via a mirror selfie, writing (again), "I think I wanna sell my home in Beverly Hills. Who wants it?"

    Basically, the home is one giant entertainment center. It even has one of those basketball arcade games.

    Skateboard decks provide much of the decor โ€” along with KAWS stuffed animals.

    And Takashi Murakami stuffed animals.

    Naturally, people had a lot of takes about Bieber putting his house for sale on Instagram.

    @justinbieber / instagram

    There were a lot of $1 offers like this one.

    @justinbieber / instagram

    And this one.

    @justinbieber / instagram

    And some more creative bartering.

    @justinbieber / instagram

    Then there was this helpful suggestion.

    @justinbieber / instagram

    If Bieber does need a realtor, he could easily use the company he purchased the home from, just last November for $8,995,000. Or he could go for setting the world record in a sale via Instagram.

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