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    Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair Cotton Candy Pink And Fans Have A Theory About It

    An almost-New Year, a new Bieber.

    Justin Bieber's hair has a life of its own, really.

    Gotham / GC Images

    It's taken on more than a handful of different styles and shapes and sizes over the years, although lately it's been pretty tame thanks to his wedding makeover.

    Bg002 / GC Images

    Now that he's fully settled into marital bliss, though, Bieber is back to experimenting with his hair. His latest move: dying it cotton candy pink.

    Bg002 / GC Images

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, thoughtfully providing his family and friends with an easy icebreaker, Bieber has made a bold move in the hair department.

    Jayne Kamin-oncea / Getty Images

    Take a look at his new hair in all of its pink glory.


    Bieber, we hardly recognize you.

    me after seeing those pictures of justin bieber with pink hair

    Some fans have a theory about the hair: That it's intentionally timed to coincide with his next sonic era and upcoming album.

    Justin Bieber dyed his hair pink and some beliebers are in shock while the others are showing just how much they love pinkstin. Could this be the start of a new era??

    Other fans are simply waiting around the clock for Justin to give us all a more close-up look at his new hair.

    petition for @justinbieber to post selfie in pink hair on instagram and ask for 20 million likes

    If you're wondering what that would look like, here's an idea:

    @justinbieber justin i have got to tell you something you would look so dope with pink hair ;)

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