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    Gabrielle Union And Her 11-Month-Old Daughter Wore Matching "Bring It On" Costumes, So Halloween Has Already Peaked

    They brought it, obv.

    Gabrielle Union and her daughter, Kaavia, were already adorable — but they took that energy to a whole other level with their Halloween costumes this year.

    The actress and her 11-month-old took inspiration for the holiday from none other than Bring It On, the beloved 2000 film Gabrielle stars in.

    And wow, did they bring it.

    They even brought moves, too. Kaavia did some of the dancing and clapping from one of the Clovers' cheers, and it was too precious for words.

    Impressively, Gabrielle and Kaavia didn't have to look far for their costumes, since the actress wore one from the film and her daughter wore one she first modeled back in September.


    Kaavia isn't even a year old, but she's already mastered this Halloween thing. After wearing a Bring It On costume with her mom, she wore a dragon one, which was shared with the perfect caption.