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    Drake Is Now Selling A Candle That Smells Like Him And It's Already Sold Out

    It has his same "smooth musk fragrance.”

    Drake guessed that there are a decent amount of people in the world who've wondered, "What does Drake smell like?" and it's apparently paid off.

    The music star is now selling candles with his very own scent and they're already sold out.

    So what does Drake smell like? His $80 candle is described as a "smooth musk fragrance.”


    It has notes of "amber, cashmere, suede, and velvet," which apparently is a blend of scents that comprises "the personal fragrance he wears" according to the item's description.


    The line also includes another four scents: Sweeter Tings, Williamsburg Sleepover, Good Thoughts, and Muskoka, which "emulates the smoldering warmth of burning woods, golden embers, and the feeling of being cozy by the fire."

    Whenever the restock hits, if you do get your hands on one of the candles, Drake recommends burning it while "playing the album that inspired this entire project": Midnite's Live in Eugene.

    1. Do you plan on buying one of Drake's candles when they're back in stock?

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    Do you plan on buying one of Drake's candles when they're back in stock?
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