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    Every Inch Of Demi Moore's Bathroom Needs To Be Explained

    The carpet around the toilet. The Joan of Arc statue. The doll in the wall. It's all so much.

    Things you might not know about Demi Moore: She has eight dogs, she's working on an erotica podcast called Dirty Diana, and she has one of the wildest bathrooms ever seen by the human eye, as this thread from Alexis Wilson points out.

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    When the actor was sharing a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming podcast, which premieres July 13, she inadvertently gave all of Twitter an intimate tour of her bathroom.

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    And there was a lot to take in.

    Behind the scenes recording #DirtyDiana

    While some were just looking for clues as to how to age as well as Demi...

    @sassyblackdiva Me trynna zoom in her beauty products so I age like her

    ...others were very focused on the decor — specifically, the ornate couch and the brown carpeting.

    starting a slack channel for the sole purpose us discussing why demi moore has both carpet and a couch in her bathroom

    I know what you're thinking: That can't be Demi Moore's bathroom.

    @sassyblackdiva Refuse to believe this is actually her bathroom

    Oh, but it is.

    See some of her daughter Tallulah Willis's posts for further proof.

    Well, the carpeting around the toilet didn't sit well with many people on Twitter.

    @sassyblackdiva @GeorgiaShenk No no no

    Just going to leave this here.

    The germ-conscious also took issue with the shoes in the bathroom, let alone in a carpeted bathroom.

    @sassyblackdiva Shoes! In the bathroom!

    But there were so many other things to focus on, like this random toy hanging out between the rocks on the wall.

    @sassyblackdiva Is there a doll stuck in the wall above the toilet???

    And whatever this is.

    @sassyblackdiva I also have questions

    The Joan of Arc statue in the background got a lot of attention too.

    @sassyblackdiva gonna need more info on this as well

    @lexxxbraun @sassyblackdiva Somehow getting a better look at it didn’t help

    Then there was the decor in more of an architectural sense.

    @sassyblackdiva The tub also has a chandelier above it, and some Interesting Art Deco ceiling trim.

    People had theories:

    @sassyblackdiva It’s like she showed up at an estate sale and never left. 👀

    @MariamWatt @sassyblackdiva So I'm not the only one who assumed this was while major reno and construction was being done in the den? My stuff filled the hallway bc my bathroom was not big enough to hold a couch.

    One theory, however, kept coming up: Maybe Demi was just hanging out in her carpeted bathroom because of the optimal Zoom lighting and acoustics.

    @sassyblackdiva The placement of the couch in front of the sink/vanity makes me think it might be there to utilize the good lighting for zoom calls, but that doesn't explain the carpet, why she owns that couch, the joan of arc statue or the skii chalet style brick..

    @sassyblackdiva My guess is lighting / acoustics / privacy or all 3. Unless this couch was here before COVID then man idk.

    Whatever is behind this mystery, this much is for sure:

    @sassyblackdiva There wasn’t a chapter about this in her memoir and I feel disturbed

    h/t to Alexis Wilson for making Demi Moore's bathroom go viral.

    UPDATE: This article has been updated to add additional credit to Alexis Wilson.

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