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    Billie Lourd Talked About A Very Relatable Health Scare She Had While Pregnant

    "That's pregnancy vibes for ya!!!"

    Billie Lourd kept her pregnancy so private that fans didn't even know she was expecting until she shared the first photo of her son, Kingston, last September. But this year, the actor has been opening up more and more about her experience.

    A few days ago, Lourd shared a sweet photo of her first sonogram, from "one year ago," while expressing her disbelief that it was so long ago. "#cryingintheclub," she wrote on Instagram, adding, "#excepttheclubismycouch."

    And yesterday, during a Q&A on her Instagram story, Lourd shared a couple more things about her pregnancy. When she was asked, "What did you crave the most during your pregnancy?" she replied, "Ice cream!!!" and shared a photo of her favorite kind.

    "But then I had a lil' gestational diabetes scare," she continued, "so then it was beets?!?!"

    Lourd didn't specify what the scare looked like for her, but during pregnancy, many pregnant people are given a test for gestational diabetes between weeks 24 and 28.

    It's a very unpleasant experience, as someone who has had to take more than one. You have to drink this liquid that tastes like cough syrup, wait one hour, and then have blood drawn to assess your blood sugar level.

    The thing no one tells you beforehand (or at least no one told me) is that it's definitely not uncommon to fail the test — but not have gestational diabetes. In fact, according to Healthline, "The one-hour test is pretty easy to 'fail,' and many people do! They make the threshold low enough so that they catch anyone who could be having an issue, just in case."

    "Random, I know, but that's pregnancy vibes for ya!!!" Lourd summed up.

    Last month, Lourd reflected on how happy she is that she was able to have such a private pregnancy because of the pandemic: “I got to keep it to myself. Only my family knew and nobody else knew — like, everyone was so surprised when we posted that little picture of his feet.”

    “It got to just be something I shared with the people I loved the most, which was so incredible and made my pregnancy so magical and wonderful, which I did not expect it was going to be.”

    Thankfully, Lourd is now getting to experience that same privacy and magic and wonder in her first year of motherhood.