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    Bill Hader And Rachel Bilson Were Photographed On A Date So Do With That What You Want

    Well, this is cute.

    If coffee runs to Starbucks is anything to go by, Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson are totally dating.

    The two actors were photographed together while in one of the coffee chain's locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Apparently, they were even holding hands as TMZ notes (where you can see the pic).

    The two were allegedly in Bill's hometown to spend some time with his family during the holiday season, which is pretty sweet.

    Interestingly, this isn't the first time Bill and Rachel have been romantically linked. Earlier this fall, someone happened to snap a photo of Bill sitting at a table, while on a date with Rachel.

    Naturally, people are pretty excited for the pair — especially, Rachel.

    adam brody...hayden christensen...bill hader...rachel bilson i bow down to you QUEEN

    rachel bilson has dated adam brody and is now with bill hader???? i want what she has!!!

    Some did note the irony of them dating now: Back in 2013 the two had a sex scene in The To Do List, which was directed by Maggie Carey, Bill's ex-wife.

    i'm still finding bill hader and rachel bilson awkward cause his ex wife directed their love scene together in to do list

    Bill has even talked about that exact moment before, telling Playboy, "We laughed a lot while we were making the movie" and "During the sex scene I have with Rachel, Maggie said, ‘Um, I need you guys to f--k harder. Do you know what I mean? Rachel, you really need to ride him.' The crew guys all said, ‘Man, your wife must really like you.'"

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    Well, I know what I'll be watching tonight.