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Beyoncé Sat For The National Anthem At The Super Bowl, But It Had Nothing To Do With Demi's Performance

Bey still bopped to Demi's performance, though.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy took a family outing to the Super Bowl LIV.

Jay Z y Beyonce llegan al Hard Rock Stadium para el #SuperBowl ▶ @CCLegaspi |

Which gave us this adorable moment of Blue Ivy texting someone...

Jay-Z x @MeekMill at #SBLIV 📺: #SBLIV | 6:30pm ET on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app

That quickly became a meme, of course.

blue ivy currently texting her parkwood staff

Beyoncé, Jay, and Blue even made an appearance on camera, waving to the crowd.

Beyoncé, JAY-Z & Blue Ivy 💚 #SuperBowl

They were also seen sitting during Demi Lovato's performance of the national anthem, which was captured on video by TMZ.

Dominique Charriau / WireImage

No, this isn't a photo from the Super Bowl — it's one from the 2010 French Open.

The family was likely sitting in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, who Beyoncé thanked for his "selfless heart and your conviction" and "personal sacrifice" as she handed him Sports Illustrated's Muhammad Ali Legacy Award back in 2017.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

But Bey, a former Super Bowl halftime show performer, was still bopping to Demi's national anthem, even while sitting, as you can see in the video here. As was Blue Ivy, who was seen recording the moment on her phone.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Even while sitting, Bey and Blue gave Demi their seal of approval.


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