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    These Tweets About "Uncut Gems" Are Almost As Good As The Movie Itself

    "Uncut Gems ended 20 minutes ago, and I still have enough adrenaline to lift a car."

    If you're here, reading this, then you, too, are probably still coming off the emotional rollercoaster that is Uncut Gems. Seriously, going to the DMV is less stressful than watching Adam Sandler in Howard Ratner-mode for a little over two hours.

    But, obviously, it's worth it! The anxiety-inducing A24 film is a true original and has a lot of people convinced that Adam Sandler is going to win an Oscar, if not at least get nominated, for his performance in it.

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    Now that you've seen the film, you can take solace and find a few laughs in these tweets below that perfectly capture the feeling of seeing Uncut Gems:


    me during the entirety of uncut gems



    Uncut Gems ended 20 minutes ago, and I still have enough adrenaline to lift a car. The Safdies’ movies should come with a health warning.


    no one: adam sandler in uncut gems


    This is what it’s like watching Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems


    #UncutGems had me this amount of stressed


    This was literally me the entire third act of #UncutGems



    when the third act of UNCUT GEMS kicks in



    Just saw Uncut Gems with my parents Dad: “a tour de force” Mom: “the worst, longest movie I have ever seen”


    As a parent of a teenager, I can confirm that the most realistically harrowing scene in UNCUT GEMS is when Howard tries to check in with his teenage daughter to tell her how proud of her he is and she looks impatiently back at him with one earbud still connected to her phone.


    My face immediately after watching #UncutGems

    That Furby necklace, tho.