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    Bad Bunny Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

    This is why he dialed in to the AMAs.

    Last night, Bad Bunny was supposed to perform at the American Music Awards, but the music star only dialed in to the show remotely to present an award.

    Bad Bunny. wearing a bucket hat, eye glasses, and septum piercing

    Today, Bad Bunny's publicist shared that the reason he bowed out of taking the stage is that he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

    Bad Bunny posing on a red carpet wearing glasses and a face mask

    According to his publicist, Bad Bunny isn't "showing any major symptoms as of Monday," the Associated Press reports.

    Bad Bunny at an event with beads in his hair

    Bad Bunny won two AMAs last night for favorite male Latin artist and favorite Latin album for YHLQMDLG.

    In a video message, he thanked "all [his] fans,” and said, “To all the people who listen to me, who support me, who always believe in my music, I always do it for you. To Latinos running the world, I love you.”

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