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    • marissaagarh

      1. By finding the DNA of plants inside insects as well
      2. In the book they don’t giveacrap what they are cloning, they just go nust and make everything, and hope to figure out what it is later. The lead geneticist, Dr. Wu, doesn’t even care what things are called.
      3. In the book, ‘whatever the hell we want’
      4. Book, sick stegosaurus, and yes.
      5. Nedry never bothered to take the tour.
      6. In Book 2, we find out that Dr Grant thought their visual acuity was based on amphibian DNA, and so reacted to motion. He was misunderstanding what he was seeing, and it nearly kills him.
      8. Hammond was wrong. In the book he’s an idiot that knows next to nothing about dinosaurs. Muldoon knowns theTrex can out run any vehicle they have.
      9. YES.
      10. At this point (in the book), there was no one left who could go, and Dr Wu needed to stay in the control room to run the computers as soon as power was back up.
      12. There isanearly full compliment of staff at Jurassic Park, workers, chefs, etc. In conclusion, read the books. both books. They are soo much better!

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