Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Is Chockfull Of Incredible Easter Eggs — Here Are 15 We’ve Spotted So Far

    But Swifties are the real masterminds, TBH.

    ...Are you ready for it?

    Taylor Swift stands on stage holding a microphone during Eras Tour

    Taylor Swift is finally back with her Eras Tour, and — much to the delight of Swifties everywhere — she's filled the first few legs of the tour with nods to her past...and (according to some fans) her future!

    A woman sings onstage with her feet kicked up

    Now, Taylor doesn't make it easy to (ahem) crack her coded eggs. And depending on the particular brand of Swiftie you're interacting with online, you might read or hear a very different interpretation of the same clue. If nothing else, Taylor's dedication to giving us layered messages suggests she embraces the puzzles herself.

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    When speaking to Jimmy Fallon in an interview back in 2021, Taylor once said in part: “I think the first time that I started dropping sort of cryptic clues in my music was when I was 14 or 15, putting together my first album. I wanted to do something that incentivized fans to read the lyrics because my lyrics are what I'm most proud of out of everything that I do."

    So, with all of that explanation out of the way, let's break down just a few of these Easter eggs, shall we? Here we go:

    1. Starting off, many fans have speculated that Taylor opened the tour with songs from Lover because it's the first album that's entirely hers legally...

    A woman performs in glittering boots and a bodysuit

    ...And because its tour was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's like she's picking up where she left off!

    A woman sings on-stage

    2. And the Lover house burning down on stage hints at possible endings, according to some fans. (Is this house going up in flames symbolic of Swift taking a big break after this tour? Or is it simply an homage to the end of the "Bad Blood" music video?)

    3. According to many fans, her manicure holds meaning in the (ahem) palm of her hands. Fans are widely in agreement that each nail represents her 10 albums. Midnights (dark blue), Evermore (beige), Folklore (gray), Lover (pink), Reputation (black), 1989 (teal), Red (red), Speak Now (purple), Fearless (gold), and a blue-green for her self-titled first album!

    A woman sings passionately

    (You can also see a closer look at her mani in the final photo of this Instagram carousel!)

    A close up on a woman's manicre

    4. During "Bejeweled," Swift did a fan's viral TikTok dance!

    Fans recognized a very special dance move during the Midnights portion of the show. On the first night of tour, Taylor performed the viral dance moves (a strut and a twirl) created by TikToker @mikaelarellano during the song's chorus. Mikael shared the dance the day after Midnights dropped and has been active in the Swiftie community, so it's quite sweet to see Taylor really does seem to interact with her fans online!

    A woman performs onstage

    Here's a clip of her performing it live, thanks to an audience member:

    5. She also outright mentioned TikTok when discussing a certain album fans swear she "hates":

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    KhemRaj ParaJuli / Via youtube.com

    "What is your evidence," she asked her fans, laughing in a clip from the show. "I'm here to dispel the rumors and prove wrong the allegations I hate Evermore; I actually love that album, and I'm so proud of it!"

    A woman sits at a piano

    6. Fans recognized the golf club from the "Blank Space" music video during her performance:

    Taylor Swift performing Blank Space on tour holding golf club

    Though, this time she didn't destroy a car with it.

    A woman destroys a car with a gold club

    7. And she also brought along the Folklore cabin from her performance at the 2021 Grammys:

    (Here's a better look at the cabin):

    A woman sings in front of a cabin

    8. Taylor wore the purple coat from the "Lavender Haze" music video during her live performance of the song.

    9. As well as a gold dress during her performance of the Fearless era that fans think looks very, very similar to the one she wore back then.

    10. She also plays on a silver acoustic guitar, similar to the one from the Fearless era, but this one, as she let fans know in a series of Instagram stories, was DIY-decorated by her parents, including her lucky number 13.

    @updateswiftbr/Twitter / Via Twitter: @updateswiftbr

    The nostalgia!

    Taylor Swift makes a heart with her hands on stage with a sparkly acoustic guitar around her neck

    11. And at least one concert attendee swears they saw snakes in lights during the Reputation era (users in the comments say to look for snakes on wristbands at 0:25 seconds into the below clip, right after she sings "I don't like your little games..."):

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    Sasha Sloan/YouTube / Via youtube.com

    12. She also told the audience her old self was "dead" during "Look What You Made Me Do," with fans pointing out that — in past performances of this song — someone else on stage would say the say, "Because she's dead," but this time, Swift herself said it:


    reputation (Taylor’s Version) looks so angry at taylor swift eras tour! 😭 #tstheerastour #ts #taylorswift #erastour #swifttok #fypシ

    ♬ original sound - Taylor Swift: Eras Tour

    And finally, let's end with Taylor's Speak Now album segment— as it's the focus of THREE major Easter eggs, per Swifties.

    Speak Now is Taylor's 2010 album featuring hit songs like "Enchanted," "Back to December," "Innocent," and "Mine." It's her third studio album and one which she hasn't yet rereleased as Taylor's Version, due to copyright issues. Swifties believe the artist is hinting that her next rerelease will be Speak Now (Taylor's Version). But why? Let's dig in!

    13. "Enchanted" was the only song from the album that got any spotlight during the entire 3+-hour setlist.

    A woman sings in a ball gown

    Taylor really outdid herself giving homage to every single album on this tour, but fans absolutely noticed that she performed just one song from Speak Now — "Enchanted." Fans have speculated she intentionally used just one song from the album to hint at it being released as Taylor's Version soon.

    Taylor Swift sings 'Enchanted' in ballgown on stage

    14. The Speak Now Taylor seems to be trapped in a glass box during a Reputation set, and is the only one not ~released~ at the end.

    A woman sings on stage in front of a bunch of other women trapped in glass boxes

    During the Reputation album segment, Taylor is surrounded by dancers trapped in clear boxes. Swifties were quick to notice one of the dancers is wearing a purple dress similar to the one Taylor wore while touring for the Speak Now album. And while dancers representing other Taylor eras are released from their boxes by the end of the song, the Speak Now one isn't. But will she be soon?!

    A woman performs onstage

    15. And, of course, this is also a prime opportunity to decode her T-shirts (again). During the part of the concert dedicated to her Red era, Taylor wears a T-shirt with the phrase "A lot going on at the moment" on it, with "A lot" in red letters and the rest in black:

    A woman dancing, wearing a shirt that says "A lot going on at the moment

    Then, on another night, she wore a shirt that read "Who's Taylor Swift anyway? Ew," with "Ew" in red. (Which is a line from "22," off of the Red album.) Fans are speculating that she may be literally spelling out Speak Now (Taylor's Version) leading up to the album's release using these red letters:

    Taylor Swift sings into microphone wearing a black hat and T-shirt on stage

    What Easter eggs did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!