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    Gabrielle Union, Anna Faris, And 10 Other Celebrities Who Revealed Very Personal And Surprising Details About Their Exes In Their Memoirs

    These celeb memoirs certainly don't hold anything back.

    Editor's Note: This post includes references to domestic violence, depression, infertility.

    Whether they have ghostwriters or just a natural flair for the written word, celebrity memoirs can be really, really good.

    And in a lot of these celeb memoirs, they often reveal behind-the-scenes info about their exes and current spouses. Here are some of the best memoir revelations:

    1. Mary-Louise Parker's memoir, Dear Mr. You, covers the years she was left by Billy Crudup — including when he left a pregnant Parker to pursue a relationship with Claire Danes.

    Mary-Louise Parker looks straight into the camera

    In "Dear Mr. Cabdriver," she writes: “I am alone. Look, see? I am pregnant and alone. It hurts to even breathe.”

    Mary-Louise Parker stands alone and hugs herself

    2. In Gabrielle Union's second memoir, You Got Anything Stronger, she writes about her heartbreak at finding out Dwyane Wade had a child with someone else.

    Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade posing on the red carpet

    3. In her first memoir — and in a lighter story — Union described her first husband, NFL player Chris Howard, proposing to her with a "bucket of KFC on the floor."

    Gabrielle Union smiles and holds an award on stage

    4. In her memoir, Open Book, Jessica Simpson revealed she had "Instagram-girlfriend syndrome before it was a thing," and that she wanted the world to see her then-husband Nick Lachey in the "best light" because she was "hopelessly" in love with him.

    Jessica Simpson chews her sunglasses while walking at holding the hand of someone out of frame

    Jessica wrote in her 2020 memoir that she didn't want to outshine Nick, and went on to add that she wanted him to feel like he could "show me all that he knew" about the entertainment industry and the world.

    Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey pose at an event

    Jessica included diary entries in the memoir, including a passage she wrote to Nick shortly after their divorce. In reference to Nick's relationship (now marriage) with Vanessa Lachey, she wrote, "Seems that you forgot the love you spoke to me."

    Nick Lachey embraces wife Vanessa Lachey as she kisses his cheek

    5. Demi Moore spilled a lot of tea about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher in her 2019 memoir Inside Out. She wrote that he told her 'I don't think I can do this, and I don't know if this is working,' after she'd settled on an egg donor during an ongoing fertility struggle.

    Ashton Kutcher smiles down at Demi Moore as they embrace

    She revealed Ashton allegedly told Demi "I never thought you'd go through with it" when she asked him why he let her go through the process of finding a potential donor.

    Ashton Kutcher looks away while Demi Moore looks into the crowd at an event

    Fertility wasn't the only sensitive issue Demi discussed in the book. She also described the couple's exploration of nonmonogamy as an ultimate "mistake."

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher sit together and pose for a selfie

    "Part of the point of monogamy is the energy of somebody making the sacrifice or the choice for you," Demi wrote in part. "As soon as another person is brought in, you are no longer being held in that sacred spot."

    Demi Moore walks in front of Ashton Kutcher who is looking down at his phone

    Demi also alleged that Ashton once received a note from a 21-year-old while the couple was at a bowling alley...and allegedly brought the note-writer back to their shared home when Demi was traveling.

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher walk down the sidewalk

    6. In Anna Faris' memoir Unqualified, she wrote, "It felt like I was crossing something off the list. Live together, check. Marriage, check."

    Ben Indra and Anna Faris embrace

    She also wrote, "Sure, I get to proclaim I didn't fuck Chris before I left Ben, but what is there to celebrate in that? It didn't make me a hero."

    Anna Faris and Chris Pratt smile at each other at an event

    7. Tiffany Hadish's memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, discusses the alleged physical abuse from her then-husband.

    Tiffany Haddish smiles

    "Just snatched me by my shirt, and pulled me to the elevator and threw me in it...once we got to our hotel room, he was so quick," she alleged. "He snatched me by the neck and slammed me into the wall."

    Tiffany Haddish smiles and poses in a gown

    8. In Holly Madison's memoir, Down The Rabbit Hole, she gave readers a reality check about life in the Playboy Mansion. About her first night sleeping with Hugh Hefner (an unofficial precursor to her invitation to move into the mansion), she wrote: "It was so brief that I can't even recall what it felt like beyond having a heavy body on top of mine."

    Holly Madison looks to the side and stands alone against a wall

    “Hef knew how desperate, sad, and broken I was, but didn’t do a damn thing about it," she wrote. "I’d given seven years of my life to a man who couldn’t even have a conversation with me.”

    Melissa Taylor, Holly Madison, Crystal Harris, and Anna Berglund sit beside Hugh Hefner on a couch

    9. In Kelly Ripa's memoir, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories, she shared that her now-husband Mark Consuelos broke up with her less than one week before he asked her to elope with him in Vegas.

    Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseuolos pose in formal wear at an event

    10. Yolanda Hadid wrote in her 2017 memoir, Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease, that people in her life doubted her Lyme disease diagnosis, including her then-spouse.

    Yolanda Hadid poses beside Bella Hadid at event

    11. Kim Gordon called her divorce from Thurston Moore the most "conventional story ever" in her memoir, Girl in a Band.

    Kim Gordon poses alone at an event

    12. In Redefining Realness, the 2014 memoir from Janet Mock, she wrote deeply about her ex-husband, Troy, and what a pivotal role he played in her twenties.

    Janet Mock grins in a ballgown at a Met event

    What celebrity memoirs do you recommend? What do you wish stars got even more real about? Drop them in the comments!