19 Times Former Best Friends Betrayed Their Supposed Best Friends

    "I had a planned brain surgery and told everyone where I was and whatnot in case they wanted to visit ... I was there for eight days. Not only did nobody visit, but I didn't get one message from anyone. It was like I didn't exist to them."

    Society tells us it's okay to wallow and cry over breakups with our exes, but it's often expected that we shrug off friend "break ups" and betrayals. But that doesn't make the pain any less real. In fact, for some people, it can feel worse!

    Recently I was looking through Reddit and found several threads (here, here, and here) about people betraying their supposed best friends. Here are some of the stand-out responses:

    1. "I tried inviting a group of friends to do stuff on my 16th birthday. They hung out with me for maybe an hour and later I found their Snapchat stories of them at another friend's (who didn't originally show up to hang with me) and they were having a hot tub party without me."


    2. "I had a friend email me after my wedding telling me how disappointed she was that she didn't get ready with me on my wedding day. Mind you, I didn't have bridesmaids, the only people who got ready with me were family and friends I had since back in college (people I had known for 10+ years vs. Knowing this "friend" for 4 years). And I asked this friend to give a speech at my wedding! Which she declined. After I posted all my wedding photos, she only "liked" a single one. The one of me with the women I got ready with. I know it sounds stupid, but I know she was being petty."


    3. "I grew up in the church and had a big friend group there. I wasn’t very popular at school, but that didn’t matter much. When I was 19, I got pregnant out of wedlock (omg, I know, how horrible ~heavy sarcasm~). Lo and behold, every single person from my church friend group completely abandoned me. Wouldn’t talk to me, hang out, support me, or anything."

    "One day I’m in my room (still living with my family) and my 'supposed best friend' came over and hung out with my BROTHER the entire time!" 


    4. "One specific time was in an airport before we left for back home in high school. I was watching someone’s bags and they went to go see where everyone was. Someone else left their bags with me then, too. I sat there for the whole time considering I couldn’t leave, and they came back right before boarding. They had eaten dinner. I was so pissed."


    5. "I had a planned brain surgery and told everyone where I was and whatnot in case they wanted to visit. Didn't really expect anyone to come, but I knew I'd have plenty of time to chat with people as I recovered. I was there for eight days. Not only did nobody visit, but I didn't get one message from anyone. It was like I didn't exist to them."


    6. "Old friend reached out to me, I was so excited to reconnect — invited her to my wedding, cried about sad family times, etc. Then she hit me with the pyramid scheme investment opportunity. All along I was just her mlm target. I think about her still sometimes. Last I heard she started a wedding DJ business."


    7. "We were super close and she was super sweet for a while — anything she asked I would do for her — but then eventually she started making the guys I had crushes on fall for her and hate me. At first, I thought I was crazy, so I confided in a friend about it who confronted her."

    "About a week later I found out she was telling everyone I was a psycho with an ego issue (thankfully I have good friends so no one believes her)." 


    8. "My friend told a potential employer I've stolen money before so I couldn't get the job. It was at Starbucks and she has some crazy fucking vendetta against them and didn't approve of me wanting to work there. She ended up confessing a few weeks later when she was completely wasted."


    9. "I had a huge argument one night at a party with my two best friends at the time. We were arguing over one of them wanting to get back with an ex. Anyway, I said my two cents and one of them turns around and tells me they only invite me with them when they go to parties so they have a higher chance of pulling men because I'm the fat nerdy one. I'd known these women for 5-plus years and went through a lot with them. Neither of them said sorry."


    10. "Spent $100+ on presents for an ex-best friend, and when I asked to pick her up on her birthday for plans we had made previously, she ghosted me and let me find out through other social media she was with the girls she talked shit to me about."


    11. "This one guy was being extremely rude and demeaning, and was trying to manipulate me while I was in school. He would actively neg me in public, then slide in my DMs and ask for help with homework, to come hang out, etc. He made me extremely uncomfortable. My friends all acknowledged that he was doing this, and a lot of them still stayed friends with him. A lot of guys took my side, but it hurt me that the girls took his side just because they thought he was decently cute or whatever."


    12. "My best friend and I were planning on moving in together once our leases ended. She randomly mentioned in passing one day that she was moving in with her other 'best friend' whom she’d only known for 1-2 months. At the time I ended up not saying anything, but a few weeks later I couldn’t contain my emotions anymore and I told her how shitty she was. We got in a huge fight and things have never been the same between us since."


    13. "Stole my crush twice and told my mom I was bulimic. Which I wasn't. But I was skinny, so my mom believed her and almost sent me into a clinic.


    14. "Found out my best friend of over 15 years had lied to me for a third of that time about the nature of her boyfriend’s felony conviction. She led me to believe it was the kind of dumb stuff people in their early 20s do — marijuana, destroying property, etc. Surprise! It was child porn!"


    15. "Best friend lost her virginity to my boyfriend while he and I were 'on a break.'"


    16. "When I was 18 I started to get symptoms of schizophrenia (it runs in my family), so my best friend at the time and only person I told thought it would be funny to tell everyone and begin playing with my head, triggering voices and causing me to freak out on multiple occasions. As a result I have no trust in anyone and am heavily medicated."


    17. "Made sure windows were unlocked in my house so when I left for work he'd break in and deal meth out of my house (he lived at home with his mom). He'd leave before I got home so I didn't really know. Only recently, years after I moved out of that place did I find out he was storing an absolute shitload of meth at my house. I found out through other people, who are now clean, that they bought meth from him at my house all the time."


    18. "Friend asked me if I was bisexual a few months ago, and I told him no. But I asked him if he would care if I was and he said 'Not at all.' Found out recently that I am bisexual and he was one of the first people I told. He freaked out and now we're no longer friends."

    19. And finally, "I've got a double whammy here: my boyfriend got my best friend pregnant. I figured it out when he was coincidentally coughing up several hundred dollars for an abortion that he refused to tell me who it was for at the same time she was secretly getting one..."


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