All "The Ultimatum" Couples' Compatibility, Based On Their Astrology

    An Aquarius and Virgo? Yikes. Some couples from The Ultimatum are more compatible than others based on their zodiac signs.

    A feisty Scorpio, an intense Virgo, and a whole bunch of Taurus energy...Netflix's new show The Ultimatum has a whole mix of zodiac signs.

    Let's see if the stars are aligned for these couples...

    Rae Williams (Leo) and Zay Wilson (Virgo)

    Rae and Zay sit on a bed, laughing together

    Zay Wilson (Virgo) and Shanique Imari (Taurus)

    Zay and Shanique sit in a bed and talk to each other

    Jake Cunningham (Gemini) and April Melohn (Taurus)

    Jake and April sit side by side and laugh

    Rae Williams (Leo) and Jake Cunningham (Gemini)

    Rae and Jake sit by the pool and talk about their shared interests

    Randall Griffin (Scorpio) and Shanique Imari (Taurus)

    Randall and Shanique eat and talk to each other

    Randall Griffin (Scorpio) and Madlyn Ballatori (Virgo)

    Randall and Madlyn talk to each other in the kitchen

    Colby Kissinger (Taurus) and Madlyn Ballatori (Virgo)

    Colby and Madly sit side by side as Colby talks

    Colby Kissinger (Taurus) and April Melohn (Taurus)

    Colby and April play a board game

    Alexis Maloney (Scorpio) and Hunter Parr (Cancer)

    Hunter and Alexis are all smiles as they talk to the group

    Lauren Pounds (Aquarius) and Nate Ruggles (Virgo)

    Nate and Alexis walk hand in hand

    Do you think these couples are compatible? Let us know in the comments!