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What Should Happen In The Rumored Full House Reboot? Add Yours!

Everywhere you look, a loose end from the series finale of Full House could lead to a storyline!

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Will the girls ever get a stepmom??


Our hearts were crushed when Vicky Larson abandoned poor Danny for a job in cold and windy Chicago (cuz that would really happen...). Will she make a dramatic re-entrance into the lives of the Tanners? Or perhaps after so many years, Danny has moved on to greener pastures and less flighty women.

What will Nicky and Alex be like as young adults?!


Every bit as annoying as they were as children? Will they have matured? Developed a drug problem? Become girl crazy musicians like their father? Let's face it, anything will be better than their younger selves.

Did DJ and Steve tie the knot?

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...or at least enter into a common law marriage or decide to live together long term? Hopefully they provide proof that true love can last and they didn't get married young and realize they'd made a terrible mistake resulting in a messy divorce. Nah, that would be much too dark for Full House.

What became of Kimmy Gibbler?!


College? Traveling around the world to find herself? A terrible falling out with DJ (don't worry, they'll make up during the course of Fuller House)? Maybe Steve realized DJ was never the right woman for him and he opted for Kimmy instead. Oh, the suspense of it all!

Did Jesse's music career ever amount to anything?


...besides his cover of the Beach Boys' tune (and the strange music video that went with it)? Or, did he fade away from the memories of all as a one hit wonder artist?

On the note of dream career realization, did Joey succeed as a comedian?!


I mean, Steve Oedekerk unfairly took first prize away from Joey during his appearance on Star Search. If Joey never made it big in the comedy scene, what career did he fall back on? Is he back into advertising? Or suffering from depression at his failed dreams?

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