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    16 Struggles People Who Hate Cold Weather Can Relate To

    As told by cats.

    1. You do everything in your power to avoid being in the snow.

    2. You despise all winter sports.

    3. You bundle up to an extreme degree.

    4. Your extremities turn strange colors when they're exposed to the cold and you hate it.

    5. You go to extreme lengths to warm up.

    6. You spend as much time as you can in saunas whenever they're available.

    7. ...or doing hot yoga.

    8. You desperately wish you were a bear or some other hibernating animal.

    9. You spend all of your money paying for heat.

    10. ...or on the gas you waste to adequately heat your car.

    11. You've started hitting the bottle to stay warm.

    12. You can't even BELIEVE weather forecasts during the winter months.

    13. And sometimes you avoid checking them altogether.

    14. Your closest friends have to force you to go out.

    15. But for the most part, you ditch your social life during the cold season.

    16. And once the weather warms up, you spend every second obsessing over going outside while you still can.