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Yik Yak: The Official App Of Freshmen Everywhere

Yes, technically Yik Yak is open to anyone in college, but it is clearly filled with freshman thoughts. Not to call out all you fresh meat, but we know it's you. Most of these are from Univeristy of Michigan (Go Blue!) purely due to the fact that I am there and those are the Yaks that I see.

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1. Complaining About the Dining Halls

Via Yik Yak

You only ever appreciate the glory of unlimited food when you no longer have it. Also, those Chipotle burritos will make you go broke faster than you know. (ICYMI "MoJo is a dining hall here at UofM.)

3. Complaining About the Buses

Via Yik Yak


Actually, breathing keeps me alive and I really do need to get somewhere, so I apologize if my bodily functions are bothering you. Odds are, someone is doing the exact same to me...THE BUSES GET PACKED -- GET OVER IT!

Dear Freshmen,
It's ok to be a little off your game for now, but just know that if you don't step it up, you will be down voted.
A Pitiful Sophomore

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