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Are You More Drive North Or Berkeley's On Fire?

Either way, you get to be a SWMRS masterpiece...

Marisa Diamond • 3 months ago

Which SWMRS Guy R U Based On Your Food Preferences?

We’re on the verge of Berkeley’s On Fire, so you gotta know who you are...

Marisa Diamond • 6 months ago

What Pizza Topping Are You?

pizza is good...

Marisa Diamond • 7 months ago

Which UCLA Floor Routine Are You? (2019 Edition)

Yes, Katelyn Ohashi is in this... For all my other gymnastics fans out there: from Sophina DeJesus to Angi Cipra to Katelyn Ohashi, Miss Val is known for pumping out some FIRE floor routines...

Marisa Diamond • 7 months ago

Which James Franco Are You Really?

In light of recent events (The Interview not being shown), we all deserve some James Franco in our lives.

Marisa Diamond • 4 years ago

Little Actor Has To Pee

If you gotta go, that's the way to go... (Yes, that is a Bye Bye Birdie reference.)

Marisa Diamond • 4 years ago

Did You Really Grow Up In Boston?

Does the term "Hood Bottle" mean anything to you?

Marisa Diamond • 4 years ago

Need A Cuddle? Maybe You Should Try Something Else New.

With this new app, Cuddlr, I've decided to develop some new apps in the same vain.

Marisa Diamond • 4 years ago

Yik Yak: The Official App Of Freshmen Everywhere

Yes, technically Yik Yak is open to anyone in college, but it is clearly filled with freshman thoughts. Not to call out all you fresh meat, but we know it's you. Most of these are from Univeristy of Michigan (Go Blue!) purely due to the fact that I am there and those are the Yaks that I see.

Marisa Diamond • 4 years ago

MTV Did A Good Thing

With the MTV Awards happening, MTV is in the spotlight (not quite the way it was in the 80s, but still..). However, they are actually doing something for the greater good.

Marisa Diamond • 4 years ago

7 Things You Can Do For Ferguson

You've heard about everything that is going on in Ferguson, MO. You probably want to do something about it, but if you don't live in the area, you may feel like you don't know what to do. Here are some options:

Marisa Diamond • 5 years ago

6 Hobbies You Wish You Had

You may play ukulele or brew beer, but here are some hobbies that probably put yours to shame. Sorry, but it's true.

Marisa Diamond • 5 years ago

7 Reasons You Should Still Love Nat & Alex Wolff

Remember them? You may recognize this duo as the Naked Brothers Band from Nickelodeon. They are still brothers, and they are still a band, but they are slightly more clothed now (unfortunately).

Marisa Diamond • 5 years ago

10 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges

Do you feel cool that hot people are doing the same thing as you? Also, please go donate!

Marisa Diamond • 5 years ago

5 Reasons John Green And Nat Wolff Have The Best Bromance

You may be familiar with the Nat Wolff and Ansel Elgort bromance, but the one between John and Nat is far more adorable.

Marisa Diamond • 5 years ago