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How To Put Your Boyfriend In His Place As Told By Taylor Swift

You're not sorry.

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He Tells You To "Calm Down"


When He Apologizes For Leaving The Toilet Seat Up


He's only sorry THAT HE GOT CAUGHT.

Just To Remind Him That He's Not All That


^ "I didn't really think I was going to enjoy your company."

When He Says Anything Even SLIGHTLY Against Women


"Girl's shouldn't play football." BYE.

When He Has Already Made The Fight HUGE & Then Says Sorry


Hell no. It's too late for you, sucker. I'm out.

When You Did All The Prep & He Took All The Credit


Excuse you. Now look what you made me do?

Yeah, I'm Fine. Go Out & Have A Great Time With Guys.


You'll miss me.

Thanks! I Already Knew That Though. So...

You're just redundant and I don't appreciate it right now.

The Time You Tell Him This Argument Will Not Be Happening Anymore.


If He Ever Says Being On Your Period ISN'T An Excuse...


lol you have SO much to learn.

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