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    • mariolajarcaj

      To those who are a bit afraid or find seafood “icky” or simply not sure what’s it gonna taste like. Try the Japanese seafood section where they’ve got vacuum-packed some of their nice fish in a special marinade. Most people from the West as far as I know are experts in using their oven and/or microwave oven. Most of these yummy Japanese treats can also be simply boiled in wated (on its vacuum pack) and ready to serve within 3-5 minutes. You have to try it as it’s also a cool time-saver. (e.g. ikabayaki tilapia, etc) City folks aren’t always used to the smell and/or the preparation that comes along when it comes to appreciating seafood. For e.g. fresh Sri Lankan crabs or any fresh edible crabs are actually very easy to prepare; a)get the grocery fish section’s help to chop and clean it for you or you can d.i.y. b) sprinkle some salt & pepper and deep fry it with some basil leaves and in 3-5 minutes it’s all good:)

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