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Top 7 Ways To Build A Ken Identity

omg the ken is a revolutionary structure in the movement? count me in!

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be excited about the ken!

We talk about EGE at machaneh a lot, but it's true in the ken too! Show you're chanichimot that the ken is something you're passionate about and excited about and they'll see it too. Have events that make the tzevet excited and engaged!!!!

Have matarot (goals) and chazon (vision) for your ken!

Why are you choosing to create this ken? What do you think it can bring to your chanichimot? What do you think it can bring for you? What is your capacity to run the ken? What are your other commitments? Who can support you?

Think about why the ken is important and its future. This can guide you in creating the events and identity of the ken!

Have a shtick

What's your ken's "thing." Little Ken on the Prairie did this really well in Calgary. Building something that your ken is known for is an essential part of building a ken identity! You can make cheers connected to it, put it on your shwag, include it in emails, etc. Little Ken was that it was small and far from the Vancouver ken, the ken in Portland's was that it was the American ken of Miriam, Ken Chowda's was just everything absurd about Boston. Have something that your kids unite over for seminars, at machaneh, and to give your ken a core (aside from the movement, of course).

Figure out how your ken is connected to the machaneh in your eizor

Who supports your ken? How do you recruit to the ken? These are questions that you should be talking to the board, ED, or ken mazkirut in your eizor about because it will help you create a self-sufficient and successful ken, as well as inform the way your chanichimot relate to the ken when they're actually at machaneh.

Have a ken tzevet/mazkirut process

Even if it has to be over zoom, have conversations with your tzevet about what the ken is, why you're running it, what you need, and have fun together! Dugma ishit, woo!

Create a social media presence

Have a fun semel! Post about your events ahead of time and after to show how much fun the ken is! This is great for both your chanichimot and the movement as a whole to know about your ken and builds community

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