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Why Matte Liquid Lips Are So 2016

bye bye matte, hello glossy. Liquid lips are over. They're done. RIP.

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Why Matte Liquid Lips are so 2016


Every brand on earth has probably come out with a liquid lipstick, needless to say it was over hyped by Kylies lip kits and Jeffrey Star’s bizarre colors. Who wants a dry patchy lip anyways? I mean it was cool last year, but this is 2017 and glossy lips are making a comeback.

Popular trending ‘Instagram makeup’ usually consists of full brows, a slayin contour, a blinding highlight and a matte lip, but recently glossy lips have made an appearance and their here to stay.

More and more brands have decided to come out with lip glosses for a new launch rather than matte lipsticks such as Too Faced sweet peach creamy peach oil lip glosses ( woah, that’s a long name) as well as Bare Minerals GenNude buttercream lipgloss just to name a few.

Don’t forget the Hologram lip, similar to the holographic highlighter but it lasted about two seconds and was hella cool trending on Instagram. This was the first step into re-introducing the glossy lip back into society……or social media

Reasons why matte lips should stay in 2016
1.Lip scrubs and lip liner. That’s right, with a matte liquid lipstick you’ve got to spend extra pennies on a lip exfoliator (lush has great ones btw) and a lip liner or your lips will probably look like you didn’t know how to colour inside the lines.

2.Gloss is super pretty and gives the illusion of fuller plump lips.

3.Most glosses and balms are hydrating and have benefits for your lips! liquid lipsticks don’t offer the lips with enough moisture however lip glosses are gentle on the lips due to their formula and petroleum based shine.

4.Most matte lips show the cracks in your lips when they dry which is totally not cute.

Matte or glossy, its your personal preference I know I like to switch it up. Glossy lips can be turned into matte lips by placing translucent powder over the gloss as well as applying lip balm to a matte lip for a shine.

Some kick ass glosses to look out for this year

1.Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss $27. (again, that’s a long name) a collection of oil-infused smooth glosses in peachy shades. Sounds peachy to me! (pun intended)

2.BareMinerals GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipgloss $26. This collection is a neutral selection of creamy nude, plumping balms.

3.Soap & Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm $8. Enriched with argan oil, rose hip oil and mango butter to support the lips natural moisture. This is an awesome product especially for babes on a budget.

4.Colour Pop Ultra Glossy Lips $6. A super affordable shiny formula infused with glitters and a large shade range.

5.BY TERRY Baume De Rose SPF 15 $81. This is worth the pretty pennies as its new intense soothing formula includes sun protection to shield from UVA and UVB rays.

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