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24 Joint Honours Problems According To Sean Bean

Sean Bean has seen where you've been, and he feels your pain.

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Why have one university course when you can have two? Twice the skillz, twice the friends, twice the revision-induced panic attacks. What could possibly go wrong?

1. You enter university life on a wave/ horse of hope and optimism...

"Yes to friends, yes to fun, yes to employability!"

2. ...But you quickly realise that, actually, juggling two subjects might be harder than you first thought.

3. In fact, you find that you are constantly reading.

So. Many. Essays.

4. Constantly.

"Is that a glimmer of hope I see? Oh, no, just more Zola."

5. And yet, you still have the same library book allowance as your Single Honour friends.

One of life's mysteries.

6. Just because you get a Reading Week in one subject, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get one in the other.

7. And coursemates may feign interest in your degree...

"Oh, that's such an... interesting combination!"

8. ...But they'll swiftly forget that you're Joint Honours at all.

Bonus: Tutors will probably do this too.

9. But it does get better.

Yes, Sean Bean, it does.

10. After all, any time that your subjects happen to collide, you'll be considered the go-to supreme authority.

11. ...Regardless of whether you actually know the correct information.

12. And if one of your subjects is a language, you get an automatic year abroad.

Smugness optional.

13. During which time, friends and lecturers from your other subject may forget that you exist.

"Yeah, it's cool, it's not like I'm coming back next year or anything."

14. ...Even if they threw you a leaving party.

15. And sure, old friends from your other subject may have graduated, but making new friends is your speciality, right?


16. Also, forgetting everything you've ever learned about your other subject while on your Year Abroad just means that you get to enjoy studying it all again.

Such fun!

17. The onset of final year will have you panicking over the gravity of your situation.

18. Because double dissertation can be a thing.

Just so's you know.

19. And at no point will your brain's multi-tasking agility be more tested than during exam period.

"Must... revise... everything... equally."

20. But you got this. After all, you've been independently sorting out your subjects' inevitable timetable clashes for yeeeeeeears.

Hermione and her Time Turner ain't got nothing on you.

21. And even when the day of completion seems soooo far away...

22. ...The moment of victory when you successfully defeat the Joint Honours battle will be so worth it.


23. And on your well-earned Graduation Day...

24. You can feel safe in the knowledge that Joint Honours has rendered you a truly independent (wo)man.


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