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This Instagram Account Will Make You Actually Want To Ride The TTC For Once

"Arriving at Future Husband, Future Husband Station."

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There is an Instagram account that is solely dedicated to attractive men... / Via

Attractive men who read...

*cue high-pitched squeals*

Attractive men who read on public transit.


These sneaky snapshots are enough to make you want to brave the traumas of the TTC...

In hopes that you, too, might come across one of these rare and glorious phenomena of the human race.

Like this distinguished, professor-type.

I bet you'd be sitting front and centre in this dream boat's Literary Theory 101 lecture.

Or this sporty stud, who's looking oh so calm, cool, and collected waiting patiently for the train so he can get to his next CrossFit class.

Or this textual Tarzan, effortlessly rocking the man bun and the satchel all at the same time.

Or this hunk who is so nose-deep into his book that he probably wouldn't even notice the drool coming out of the side of your mouth.

I wonder what he just read that's making him look so tantalizingly troubled...

This adorable Middle-Earth nerd could Frodo my Baggins any day of the week.

What's that? Oh, just the sound of my ovaries crying.

This guy can even make text-books look sexy.

I bet this old fashioned cutie has never even heard of a Kindle.

Hey handsome, I'm Not That Kind of Girl either... unless you want me to be...

A word of caution: don't get too distracted by these delicious book worms, or you might end up missing your stop.

Although, that might be a good conversation starter...

If you have the heart to interrupt their intense moments of literary bliss, that is.

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