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    The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe On Lifetime Part Two- Fact Check

    Lifetime aired Part Two of The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. Was it an accurate depiction of her life? Not hardly. Keep reading to see where they embellished and outright lied. By Marijane Gray for Immortal Marilyn.

    Marilyn Meets Joe DiMaggio

    Joe DiMaggio and Gladys

    The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe has a scene of Marilyn bringing Joe to meet her mother in Rockhaven Sanitarium. There is no record of this ever actually happening and was completely fabricated. Having Gladys tell Joe that Marilyn could not have children was especially jarring, as not even Marilyn knew that as early as 1952. She suffered from endometriosis and underwent surgery to repair it in November 1954, after she'd already separated from Joe.

    Marilyn and Gladys

    Marilyn and Grace Goddard

    Marilyn and Natasha Lytess

    Marilyn and Arthur Miller

    Marilyn's Mentality, Part Two

    Marilyn and John F. Kennedy

    What Lifetime Left Out.......