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    • marijaallanam

      We met on plenty of fish. He was cute and nice and funny. But that was about it.  I had to pick him up because he ‘didn’t have a car’. I found out later it wasn’t just didn’t have a car, it was had more than 3 DUIS and didn’t have a license. Also had an arrest for assault with a deadly weapon(he claimed he spit on a paramedic, and I’m not sure if that’s truly assault with a deadly weapon or if there was more to that story). I have no problem with somebody having a past or having a dui, because we have all made mistakes, but lying about it isn’t right.  He then proceeded to get trashed and at some point popped some kind of a pill(he offered me half, but I declined. I actually have a few severe allergies to medications, so I don’t mess with that stuff unless it’s prescribed to me by my own doctor) and started to really almost black out.  Now, mind you, I’m totally unfamiliar with his area because I’m from an hour away. Dude is coming in and out of consciousness and unable to tell me how to get back to his place. I’m pissed at this point and yell at him to wake the eff up and tell me how to get back to his house! I look over and he gags, then vomits on himself in my car. On my seat. Out my passenger side window, spraying it all over the side of my car. And he was pissed at ME for being upset that he freaking puked everywhere in and on my car. Needless to say, that was it for me.

    • marijaallanam

      I just watched Steel Magnolias for the first time a few months ago. A few of the main characters work in a salon, as do I. The women I work with are 20 years older than me and couldn’t believe I’d never seen it. One beautiful, sunny day, I found it on demand. Thought I’d give it a watch, expecting a comedy. Well holy shit. I was wrong. I cried and cried and cried. I don’t want to give anything away, but man, life can really hand you some crap. And it’s how you overcome it.

    • marijaallanam

      The best first date I’ve ever been on, is the last first date I ever went on. My current boyfriend(soon to be fiancé, we are currently having our rings made from pieces from both of our families) and I met on PlentyofFish(I know, lol). I had recently gotten out of an awful, one sided relationship with a total narcissist who made me feel like garbage just for existing. I figured instead of sulking for a year or so, I would join a dating app and see what happened. Mark’s profile kept popping up, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be smart enough to keep up with him. The day I emailed him, was actually the day he’d planned to delete his account, since he had been having no luck. We emailed and texted back and forth for two weeks before I finally asked him out. I just couldn’t wait to meet him! Our first date was so amazing and fun. We just went out for drinks and had meant to get dinner, but we spent the whole night talking each other’s ears off that we forgot to eat. We have been inseparable ever since. We are so in love and I can’t wait to spend my life with him!

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