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    32 World Cup Recipes That Are Worth Feasting On

    Because the World Cup is really just another excuse to eat.

    The World Cup is currently in full swing and will be captivating the whole planet until mid-July. For those wondering what to eat while they watch the games, we selected popular dishes from each of the 32 countries participating for some inspiration.

    1. Russia: Shashlik

    2. Uruguay: Chivito

    3. Egypt: Ful Medames

    4. Saudi Arabia: Al Kabsa

    5. Iran: Chelo Kebab

    6. Portugal: Pastéis de Bacalhau

    7. Spain: Tapas

    8. Morocco: Chicken Pastilla

    9. France: Quiche Lorraine

    10. Denmark: Smørrebrød

    11. Australia: Aussie Burger

    12. Peru: Lomo Saltado

    13. Croatia: Crni Rižot (Black Risotto)

    14. Iceland: Pylsur

    15. Argentina: Beef Empanadas

    16. Nigeria: Suya (Chicken Skewers)

    17. Serbia: Sarma (Cabbage Rolls)

    18. Brazil: Coxinha

    19. Switzerland: Rösti

    20. Costa Rica: Tacos Ticos

    21. Sweden: Hasselback Potatoes

    22. Mexico: Tacos Al Pastor

    23. Korea Republic: Pajeon (Korean Pancakes)

    24. Germany: Pretzels

    25. Belgium: Mitraillette Sandwich

    26. Panama: Patacones

    27. Tunisia: Brik

    28. England: Fish and Chips

    29. Poland: Pierogi

    30. Senegal: Yassa Chicken

    31. Colombia: Arepas

    32. Japan: Shrimp Tempura