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    I, A French Person, Made Classic Southern Desserts (And Have Some Thoughts)

    I am changed forever.

    Hey there! My name is Marie, I'm a food writer and an amateur baker β€” and I have a die-hard sweet tooth.

    I was born and raised in France. Although I've been living in the US for almost six years, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to American food, especially Southern specialties.

    I've never been to the South*, but I've heard that's where they make the best desserts. Since I couldn't afford a plane ticket to Georgia, I decided the next best thing would be to bake famously classic Southern desserts from scratch.

    I polled my Southern coworkers, did some Googling β€” and came up with six classics to make and taste. They were:

    β€’ Hummingbird Cake

    β€’ Mississippi Mud Pie

    β€’ Alabama Lane Cake

    β€’ Chess Pie

    β€’ Peach Cobbler

    β€’ Bourbon Pecan Pie

    Even though literally no one asked for my opinion, I'm going to do a very French thing and give it anyway. So here are all the desserts I tried, ranked from the one I liked the least to the one I loved the most:

    TL;DR: I'm a weak French person who can't handle that much bourbon.

    TL;DR: Peach cobbler = really good but not mind-blowing.

    TL;DR: First two bites are orgasmic, the rest is way too sweet.

    TL;DR: It was a struggle to make, but all worth it in the end.

    TL;DR: I take back everything I said about layer cakes, this one is incredible, why isn't it on the menu of every pastry shop in the world??

    TL;DR: Pecan pie is the absolute greatest. Don't @ me.

    After a week of baking, I can now say that Southerners really are the kings and queens of American desserts. They're also pretty much obsessed with butter, sugar, and pecans β€” which is fine by me.

    What's your all-time favorite Southern dessert? Tell me in the comments!