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18 Around-The-World Soup Recipes That'll Warm You Up This Winter

We can't travel the world right now — but we can at least eat like it.

Everyone knows that soup is one of winter's finest foods. 🍜

And if you're looking for more soup inspiration, you've come to the right place. Here are soup recipes from all over the globe to warm you up as the weather gets colder!

1. Cuban Black Bean Soup

A bowl of Cuban black bean soup

This comforting Cuban classic is made with a sofrito, black beans, chicken or veggie stock, oregano, red wine vinegar, and a bit of brown sugar. You can cook it on the stove top or in an Instant Pot and easily make it vegan by using vegetable stock.

Get the recipe: Cuban Black Bean Soup

2. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

The beef? Tender. The broth? Deliciously spicy. The noodles? Fresh. The taste? Amazing.

Get the recipe: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

3. Chilean Porotos Con Riendas

A plate of porotos con riendas
Laura Murray /

A stew made with squash, spaghetti, beans, and chorizo, porotos con riendas is the colorful and cozy dish you need to brighten up your winter.

Get the recipe: Chilean Porotos Con Riendas

4. Kari Laksa Nyonya (Malaysian Curry Laksa)

Malaysian Curry Laksa
Laura Edwards /

The secret ingredient in this super-flavorful soup is a spice paste called "rempah laksa," made with, among other things, red Kashmiri chiles, dried shrimp, shallots, lemongrass, and ginger. Between the paste and the soup, the recipe is a bit of an undertaking — so you might want to save it for a weekend rather than a weeknight. One thing is for sure, though: It's well worth the effort.

Get the recipe: Kari Laksa Nyonya (Malaysian Curry Laksa)

5. 10-Minute Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup

This soup is so easy and requires so few ingredients that it's almost magical. And yet, it truly works — and is the best cure for any winter blues.

Get the recipe: Egg Drop Soup

6. Nigerian Chicken Stew

If you're in the mood for a heartier stew, this spicy and super-aromatic version — with its base of tomatoes, red peppers, and habanero peppers — is incredibly versatile. Pair it with some rice and fresh greens.

Get the recipe: Nigerian Chicken Stew

7. Mexican Red Pork Soup With Hominy (Pozole Rojo)

Mexican Red Pork Soup With Hominy
Eva Kolenko /

This soup has its roots in Aztec times in Mexico. It's made with hominy and a smoky red stock that is sure to make both body and soul content.

Get the recipe: Mexican Red Pork Soup With Hominy (Pozole Rojo)

8. French Onion Soup

French onion soup

It may be a while before we can go to a French brasserie to enjoy this old-school treat. So why not make it at home? It's actually fairly easy and just as delicious and comforting.

Get the recipe: French Onion Soup

9. Ajiaco Colombiano (Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup)

Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup

A popular soup from Bogotá, ajiaco colombiano is usually made with potatoes, chicken, corn, and an herb called guascas, which you can find in specialty food stores and online.

Get the recipe: Ajiaco Colombiano (Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup)

10. Miso Soup

Miso soup

You're only six ingredients and 20 minutes away from this super-easy miso soup — the best dinner plan for a cold winter weeknight.

Get the recipe: Miso Soup

11. Thai Tom Yum Soup

A bowl of tom yum soup

If you really want to nail this hot and sour Thai soup, you should use shrimp stock as the base. You can easily make it by boiling shrimp heads in water. This will give an amazing depth of flavor to your soup.

Get the recipe: Tom Yum Soup

12. Shanghai Home-Style Noodle Soup

Bowl of Shanghai home-style noodle soup

Like many of the best soups, this Shanghai specialty is unpretentious and inexpensive. It's also extremely yummy and satisfying and will make the perfect addition to your winter rotation.

Get the recipe: Shanghai Home-Style Noodle Soup

13. Vegetarian Ramen

Vegetarian ramen
Emma Fishman /

It is a truth universally acknowledged that ramen is the cure for all terrible things — and this recipe manages to re-create a tonkotsu-like broth without any meat for the pleasure of every vegetarian.

Get the recipe: Vegetarian Ramen

14. Borscht

Bowl of borscht

Beet lovers, unite! Borscht, a traditional Eastern European dish, is the soup of your dreams. You can make this recipe on the stove top or in an Instant Pot, and if you omit the sour cream when serving, it's entirely vegan.

Get the recipe: Borscht

15. Wonton Soup

This one is a bit of a project because the recipe also shows you how to make the wontons yourself. But the result is so good, you won't regret the effort. (Besides, wrapping wontons is actually a lot of fun!)

Get the recipe: Wonton Soup

16. Classic Italian Minestrone Soup

This legendary soup is extremely customizable, so feel free to get creative and use whatever veggies you have at home.

Get the recipe: Classic Italian Minestrone Soup

17. Aash-e Anar (Iranian Pomegranate Soup)

Iranian pomegranate soup
Matt Russell /

This Iranian specialty is more of a stew than a soup, but there are two main things to know: 1) It's super hearty and comforting. 2) It's filled with amazing flavors like pomegranate, cilantro, garlic, and cumin.

Get the recipe: Aash-e Anar (Iranian Pomegranate Soup)

18. Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese pho

The best cure for a cold, a hangover, or just a depressing day, pho is a magical soup and deserves all the love and respect we can offer.

Get the recipe: Vietnamese Pho

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