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21 Things All Girls With Short Hair Have Experienced

Always one inch away from the mullet.

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1. Mourning your long hair after you make the big cut.

It's always a shock, no matter how much you love your new haircut.

2. The shock of the first shower.

Where is my hair??
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Where is my hair??

3. When people ask you if you cut your hair because you were going through an existential crisis.

4. Or when they tell you they liked your long hair better.

5. And when they ask you if you're planning to grow it long again.

6. "But you had such nice hair!"

I still do, it's just much shorter.

7. The classic "are you a lesbian?"

How is that any of your business?

8. Having to go to the hairdresser every month or ending up looking like Liam and Noel Gallagher.


9. Looking like a crazy person every morning.

10. When someone tells you it must be so easy for you to do your hair in the morning.

Sure. I just empty one pot of wax every month just to control my cowlicks.

11. When you look like shit and there is no way to hide your face behind your hair.

Your hungover face is exposed to the world.

12. Your hair can't keep you warm during winter.

13. Being afraid the hairdresser is going to get carried away with the clippers.

14. People sometimes think you're a boy.

15. Having to go through many extremely awkward hairstyles when you decide to grow your hair long again.

16. But it's all worth it.

17. Because you don't clog the tub with your hair anymore.

18. You don't get a sweaty neck in the summer.

19. And mostly because you've got some serious style.

20. And class.

21. And you know it.

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