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29 Products For The "Game Of Thrones" Fans In Your Life

Express your inner khaleesi.

1. A candle for those who need a dragon to warm them through the night.

This is a dragon egg candle that melts away to reveal cool dragon figurines. Magic is real!

Get it from Firebox for $39.

2. An iPhone case for those who always want to have Jon's beautiful sulking face within arm's reach.

3. A T-shirt for those who know never to forgive.

4. A set of mugs for all the lovers north of the Wall.

5. A laptop sleeve for the Brienne and Jaime shippers.

6. A lion head for those who always pay their debts.

Because if you choose to be a Lannister, you might as well commit.

Get it from Firebox for $19.

7. A light for those who want to state their Stark allegiance loud and clear.

8. A coloring book for the Westerosi artists.

Bring all your faves to life.

Get it from Firebox for $13.

9. Magnets for those who know nothing about doing the dishes.

10. A cake pan for all the Hot Pies out there.

You could bake a lemon cake for Sansa.

Get it from Box Lunch for $12.

11. A beautiful map for the apprentice maesters who need to work on their Westeros geography.

12. A Game of Thrones Monopoly for all the Littlefingers who know how to use their brains to play the game.

Also a great way to learn how to deal with the Iron Bank.

Get it from Amazon for $41.

13. A Cersei figurine for those who know how to recognize a queen when they see one.

14. A beautiful poster for all the Sansa fans.

15. A necklace for those who live to hear the phrase "Dracarys!"

Always keep a dragon close to you.

Get it from Estibela on Etsy for $18.

16. A bottle opener for the hand of the queen with a love for drinking.

Make Tyrion proud.

Get it from Think Geek for $16.

17. A mug for those who know what to do in times of trouble.

Always a good reminder in the morning.

Get it from Design Genes Studio on Etsy for $17+.

18. A cutting board for your next Frey pie.

19. A romantic card for the wildlings in love.

20. A sweatshirt for those who know how to take care of their babies.

21. A onesie for the northern babies.

22. A wallet for those who know dragon skin is the hottest look.

Most badass wallet ever.

Get it from Think Geek for $30.

23. Stickers for those who want to proclaim their house allegiance at all times.

Don't know which one to choose, tbh.

Get the Targaryen one here and the Stark one here from Stickers For You All on Etsy for $3+.

24. A Dragonstone T-shirt for the true Targaryens.

Pay tribute to the most photogenic island of the Seven Kingdoms.

Get it from Think Geek for $20.

25. A cookbook for those who would just like to forget about the war and feast.

26. A jewelry set for the stylish khaleesis in your life.

You can buy all six of them together, or get them individually ($13+).

Get the whole set from The Bijoux Parlour on Etsy for $75+.

27. A banner for those who are always ready for winter.

28. A mug for the men of the Night's Watch.

29. And the whole book series for all the Samwell Tarlys.

Because reading is cool and sometimes the show isn't enough.

Get it from Amazon for $30.