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I Ate The Pitless Avocado That's Everywhere, And Here's What Happened

Do we really need this?

This is not a drill: Pitless avocados are apparently a thing.

British grocery chain Marks and Spencer announced last week that they would be selling these "cocktail avocados" in selected stores. And everyone started freaking out.

I happened to be in the UK for the week and wanted to see what this sorcery was about. I went straight to M&S to find the magical avocados. And, after a couple of failed attempts, I finally found them at a store in Cambridge

First thing first, they were pretty small and looked more like big pickles than avocados.

They were all pretty ripe, and yeah, cutting them open was obviously much easier than with your usual avocado.

Taste-wise, though, they were very bland and watery. It was like eating something avocado-flavored but definitely not like the real thing.

And yeah, I did eat the skin, but it just wasn't that enjoyable, TBH.

So, if you're really afraid of avocado pits and too lazy to peel them, you might want to try those. Otherwise, stick to good old, delicious avocados.