Here’s The Best Bakery In Every State, According To Yelp

    Satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Is there anything better in life than a good dessert? I think not. Seriously — pastries and sweets are amazing, and we all need them in our lives.

    But where do you find the best ones? We asked Yelp for the most popular bakeries in every state — which they measured using an algorithm that looked at the number of reviews plus the star rating for every bakery on Yelp.

    So here are the 51 best spots in the US to get your share of sugar and pastries — straight from Yelp users who love pies, éclairs, and doughnuts just as much as you do.

    1. The Moose Is Loose, Soldotna, Alaska

    "Yum, yum, yum. Sweet, gooey goodness. Apple fritters, pecan rolls, cream-filled maple donuts were favorites. Really good bread too. Try the Augustine either as a loaf or rolls." —Yelper Nancy R.

    "Walk in and that smell of fresh baked goods hits you like an amazing wall of sweetness and deliciousness. Great selection! Huge cookies. Great oatmeal raisin cookie just how I like 'em, not too sweet but lots of oats and raisins." —Yelper Katy F.

    2. Pastry Art Bake Shoppe, Birmingham, Alabama

    3. Squarz, Tempe, Arizona

    "We shared a peach tartlet, caramelized croissant, and cinnamon roll croissant. The desserts were all amazing. The peach was light, delicate, with the perfect amount of sweetness. The caramelized croissant is a dessert we all oohed and ahhhed over with each single bite. It had crispy, flaky, caramelized crust with a perfect soft textured interior. It was really a lovely balance of textures and sweetness. The cinnamon roll croissants were fresh from the oven. Oh my. If I had room in my stomach I'd eat a ton of them!" —Yelper Karen W.

    4. Golden Kolache Bakery, Fayetteville, Arkansas

    "Simply fantastic. You cannot go wrong with anything you get here. Just be sure to show up early before they run out of food." —Yelper Jacob H.

    "The BEST kolaches I've ever had. There was so many to choose from, so I got two of everything they had. Spent a good $40 but so very worth it. My favorites were the eggniter and the one with spinach and cream cheese." —Yelper Nina K.

    5. BJ Cinnamon, Folsom, California

    "Good vibes right when I walked in. The guy greeted me with a big happy smile. I had to try the cronuts and OMG out of this world delicious! I bought a dozen for my office and it came up to $20 but totally worth it. I'll be back!" —Yelper Alex L.

    "Excellent quality and fantastic customer service. I've been here a few times and each time the cinnamon rolls are fantastic, and no matter who is behind the counter they make you feel welcome and special." —Yelper Jose L.

    6. BluNozer Cafe, Denver, Colorado

    7. Brooklyn Baking, Waterbury, Connecticut

    "Let me just say the donut was absolutely heavenly, so light and fluffy like a decadent cloud in my mouth... Best donut I have ever had... Ever!" —Yelper Marisol M.

    "Hands down the best bakery I have ever been to in CT!! Their donuts are to die for, light, doughy, crispy, fluffy, all at the same time. Their bread is just like the bread my Nonna would make when I was a kid. Give it a try, you wont regret it." —Yelper Gina V.

    8. Un Je Ne Sais Quoi, Washington, DC

    "I had their Paris-Brest the other day and it was incredible. They really have a way with pâte à choux (a VERY difficult dough to execute correctly) and the praline cream on the inside had the perfect amount of sweetness and richness." —Yelper Alyssa B.

    "Dear Lord,

    Please let heaven be made of their cream puffs. That's all.

    Thanks" —Yelper Bhavi A.

    9. Sweet Somethings, Wilmington, Delaware

    10. Sweet Delights, Miami, Florida

    "If you want to experience homemade at a whole new level, Sweet Delights is it. The pies are out of this world, and Miss Debbie is a testament of Miami's entrepreneurial spirit. Have the guava and passion fruit pies!" —Yelper Alejandro G.

    "Great service. Delicious, wonderful... that pie left me speechless. I love key lime pie and I can tell you that this place has best I have ever had." —Yelper Robert P.

    11. Georgia French Bakery & Cafe, Duluth, Georgia

    "I've been coming here for several years now. My favorite pastry has to be the Eclairs, they remind me of my childhood in France." —Yelper Tom L.

    "I find the Butter Croissant here to be the quintessential croissant with its soft, flaky, and buttery layers. The Chocolate Eclair is outstanding with a cool, chocolaty icing and an airy, creamy, custardy filling. The Blueberry Danish is amazing! The frosted swirl has a velvety soft center that almost melts in your mouth. This is probably my favorite of the pastries I've tried so far. The Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie is superb. It is soft, chewy, and absolutely heavenly." —Yelper Daniel B.

    12. Maui Sugar Shop Bakery, Lahaina, Hawaii

    13. Stanley Baking, Stanley, Idaho

    "Fresh ingredients, good food, and beautiful views make Stanley a must stop if you're in the Redfish area. The bakery is a great place to enjoy baked goods and coffee or a full lunch." —Yelper Tony Y.

    "Wow! What a stop! I got here early before our river trip, hoping to snag some fresh breakfast. Everything was so fantastic. The cinnamon roll was absolutely decadent." —Yelper Christin J.

    14. Lawrence Deans, Wilmette, Illinois

    15. Amelia's Bread, Indianapolis, Indiana

    "The highest quality bread and pastries in greater Indianapolis, hands down. Fresh-baked loaves, cookies, croissants all day, every day. Their oatmeal cookies are some of the best cookies I've ever had! The croissants are next-level, not too greasy and always the right ratio of crunchy/chewy." —Yelper David M.

    "From their decadent, super-chocolaty buckwheat cookies to the amazing fresh focaccia, this place doesn't disappoint. Take it from an Italian girl, this place knows bread!" —Yelper Simona S.

    16. The Cafe, Ames, Iowa

    17. The Upper Crust Pie Bakery, Overland Park, Kansas

    "This place is delicious! I'm no pie fanatic, but with their PERFECT crust and delicious flavors, I was sold!" —Yelper Meghan M.

    "Sooooooooooooo good. I had the chocolate chess pie and I would travel hours just to come back and have that pie! Honestly the best pie I have ever had in my life and I've had a lot of pies!" —Yelper Gemma M.

    18. Nord’s Bakery, Louisville, Kentucky

    "Amazing! Nord's lives up to the hype! You can find the BEST apple fritter here." —Yelper Verna U.

    "Upon entering I was taken back to my childhood. An aroma of fresh-baked goodness greeted me as I opened the door. We were greeted with a warm smile and welcomed. We ordered a dozen to go and four to dine in. The maple bacon doughnut was possibly the best doughnut I've ever had. The dough was very light and airy. The maple frosting and bacon complemented each other tremendously." —Yelper Todd P.

    19. Breads on Oak Cafe & Bakery, New Orleans, Louisiana

    20. Standard Baking, Portland, Maine

    "I love love love this bakery. Sweet treats and breads are both amazing. Their brownies are gooey perfection. Aside from flying to France, their croissants are the best you can get." —Yelper Hannah S.

    "Best bread that I have ever had. Everything about it is absolutely wonderful. Perfect texture, great break-ability, and good crust." —Yelper Kendell C.

    21. JennyCakes Bakery, Kensington, Maryland

    22. Clear Flour Bread, Brookline, Massachusetts

    "Best bakery shop I've tried in Boston! Their almond biscuit and lemon tart are awesome. Try their oatmeal cookie as well: fresh and tasty." —Yelper Fang J.

    "Croissant perfection! That is all I can say. My husband brought four home this morning (don't judge) and I was in heaven." —Yelper Jillian S.

    23. Sweetwater’s Donut Mill, Kalamazoo, Michigan

    24. Patisserie 46, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    "The presentation of the desserts is exquisite and the quality and taste are excellent. I lived in France and the pastries and bread here are as heavenly as the boulangeries and patisseries over there." —Yelper Pamela M.

    "Patisserie 46 is a diamond in the rough. Located in the unassuming neighborhood of Kingsfield, this French bakery serves pastries suitable for royalty. I got a lemon Goldilock, a perfect dome of lemon mousse and lime cream on a bed of shortbread, loosely wrapped by white chocolate. It was exceptional." —Yelper Dennis L.

    25. Nathaniel Reid Bakery, Saint Louis, Missouri

    26. Le Bakery, Biloxi, Mississippi

    "Excellent pastries, we went with a coconut yucca pie, a lemon cream cheese turnover and a chocolate cream cheese turnover... Omg sooo good! Everything was just excellent." —Yelper Velon S.

    "Love this place! Great bread, good bubble tea, and fantastic desserts! The people are nice, go early because what they have out is what they have available." —Yelper Nicole B.

    27. Woodside Bakery, West Yellowstone, Montana

    28. Culprit Cafe & Bakery, Omaha, Nebraska

    "If you're looking for good pastries, they make them fresh daily. The frosted cake donut was UNFORGETTABLE: fluffy, moist, and ever so subtly seasoned with cinnamon. I got another one to go." —Yelper Sara V.

    "Excellent pastries and the donuts are to die for. The Boston cream had a pleasantly bready dough and was packed full of cream. It was fresh and delicious and the semi-sweet chocolate frosting perfectly topped off the delicate flavors of the donut. I inhaled it." —Yelper Conrad S.

    29. Salted Malted Bakery & Creamery, North Las Vegas, Nevada

    "The cannoli! The white chocolate-dipped shell makes them so yummy and the filling is heavenly: It's so smooth and creamy. Top with some pistachios and OMG, yummy! The cookies are also amazing." —Yelper Dawn G.

    "OMG this place is unbelievable. The drive was so worth it (40 minutes). I'm hoping they open more locations because I would literally come here every day. My favorites were the churro cookie, the Oreo cookie, the maple bacon cookie, and the peanut butter cookie." —Yelper Jennifer Z.

    30. La Maison Navarre, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    31. Palazzone 1960, Wayne, New Jersey

    32. Trifecta Coffee Company, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    ""They have scones, coffee cakes, muffins and quiche on a daily basis. The food is outstanding and the coffee is some of the best I've had." —Yelper AJ R.

    "Today I bought a white chocolate cranberry scone and it was perfect, not bready or chewy like so many other scones, but rich, crisp, and crumbly just like it should be. I highly recommend checking out this little gem of a coffee shop." —Yelper Jennifer D.

    33. Aux Merveilleux de Fred, New York, New York

    "A little tiny shop tucked away in the East Village. I got the meringues which were absolutely mind blowing. Each flavor was delicious in its own unique way. The other pastries also looked very good." —Yelper Jessica Z.

    "Oh my god. For every dessert person, this place is the definition of heaven." —Yelper Shushu C.

    34. Daily Donuts, Graham, North Carolina

    35. Nichole’s Fine Pastry, Fargo, North Dakota

    "There is one place to get fancy desserts in Fargo, and that's Nicole's! Everything looks so pretty. They have such a variety of desserts including tarts, mousse, cakes, cookies, chocolates, muffins...the list goes on and on. Everything I've tried has been delicious, but I'd have to say the sea salt caramel chocolate tart is my favorite item. Everyone in Fargo must try Nicole's at least once. My heart is so happy every time I'm there." —Yelper Nisa T.

    36. Pistacia Vera, Columbus, Ohio

    37. Pie Junkie, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    "Pie Junkie is hands-down the best place for a piece of pie in our fair city. My go-to is a slice of the Peanut Butter Chocolate with a small coffee. This slice is perfection: a creamy peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache blended together on top of a graham cracker crust. Every bite is absolutely decadent and delicious." —Yelper Shay B.

    "Heaven by the slice. Believe the hype. Every concoction they come up with is awesome. Walk in the amazingly whimsical shop and just soak it all in." —Yelper Caitlin C.

    38. Sea Level Bakery + Coffee, Cannon Beach, Oregon

    39. The Sweet Life Bakeshop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    "I never thought I would ever write a review just about pudding, but here I am. The Sweet Life Bakeshop has AMAZING pudding, and I don't even like pudding. I got the 'Magic' pudding, which was a combination of vanilla, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate, and I was completely blown away. It was sweet, delicious, and basically everything I wanted in a dessert." —Yelper Ivy L.

    "The best banana pudding I've ever had. The consistency was perfect in my opinion, and the flavor was fantastic." —Yelper Wil T.

    40. Pastiche, Providence, Rhode Island

    41. The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli, Columbia, South Carolina

    "Nothing looks like it's from a can or box. If you want the best cinnamon roll of your life, go here." —Yelper Cleo S.

    "Oh. My. Lord. Visiting from Florida and the Lord met us here. Warm savory cinnamon roll with decadent toppings. This cute hidden gem was welcoming and had good energy." —Yelper Claudia B.

    42. Ch Patisserie, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    "The cakes look too good to eat! And they are even tastier than you can imagine. My favorite dessert had to be the carrot cake. So good! I ate one at the store and bought another one for home." —Yelper Gigi N.

    "So so so delicious. I had the chocolate dream (a cake with mousse and chocolate covering) and the coconut macarons. It was so decadent and totally worth the money." —Yelper Rebecca G.

    43. Sweet 16th Bakery, Nashville, Tennessee

    44. Anonymous Artisan Bites and Coffee Bar, Sugar Land, Texas

    "We got the Lemon Pound Cake and Greek Nescafe Frappe, which were both really good! The cake was moist and had the perfect amount of lemon in it. Not too sour but just enough." —Yelper Jodi L.

    "All I can say is HOLY COW, this was delicious. This has to be one of the best desserts I've had in quite some time." —Yelper Charles Y.

    45. RubySnap, Salt Lake City, Utah

    46. Rainbow Sweets, Marshfield, Vermont

    “For dessert we got the Johnny Depps, which are basically cream puffs coated in a crème brûlée sugar shell. Amazing is all I have to say!” —Yelper Jay E.

    "Wow, what a gem we found while driving through Vermont. The desserts are the highlight and will keep you coming back for more." —Yelper Donna M.

    47. Layered Cake Patisserie, Leesburg, Virginia

    48. Cederberg Tea House, Seattle, Washington

    "MUST ORDER the Malva pudding. It looks deceivingly plain, but is probably one of the best desserts I've ever had. It is amazingly moist, buttery, sweet (but not overly sweet) and addicting. You will not want to share." —Yelper Ashley S.

    "It was here that I fell in love with Red Rooibos tea... I absolutely adore this little tea house. I could've easily spent every day of my vacation in Seattle in and out of here. Super friendly staff, cute little lounge area with seating by a fireplace. Yummy African desserts and pastries." —Yelper Malissa D.

    49. Royalicious Bagel Bakery, Charles Town, West Virginia

    50. Greenbush Bakery, Madison, Wisconsin

    “I recommend the caramel rabbi, sour cream, and Oreo donuts, but you can't go wrong with any choice at Greenbush." —Yelper Allison D.

    "Probably the best doughnuts I've ever had. Lots of flavor, perfectly moist, and they have a good variety. Staff is super friendly as well." —Yelper Cassandra B.

    51. Persephone Bakery, Jackson, Wyoming

    "The outdoor seating area is absolutely lovely! I got a cinnamon brioche and a latte. The latte was great, but man that brioche! I wish I could eat it every day for the rest of my life, it was THAT good! I can't even imagine how good the rest of their baked goods are." —Yelper Katilin M.

    "This place is a gem! The food is exceptional and the atmosphere is warm, inviting and comfortably eclectic." —Yelper Katy B.