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19 Under-$30 Gifts For People Who Love To Cook

You don't need to spend a ton of money to please a chef!

1. A cast-iron skillet that could, literally, last them a lifetime.

And you can cook pretty much anything in it!

Get it from Amazon for $16.

2. Spices to turn even the most boring dish into a masterpiece.

Because spices can be pricey AF.

Get all ten of these on Etsy for $17.

3. A personalized spoon so they can think about you when they're cooking.

You can never have too many wooden spoons.

Get it from Etsy for $13.

4. A slow cooker to make delicious meals with minimum effort.

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Think of all the meals they could make in this baby.

Get it from Amazon for $30.

5. A pot rack to keep their kitchen organized.

An organized cook is a happy cook.

Get it from Amazon for $25.

6. A crêpe maker so they can feel like a true French chef.

Crêpes are what makes life worth living.

Get it from Amazon for $25.

7. A decal showing common cooking conversions so they never have to Google them anymore.

Because there is nothing worse than having to Google something on your phone with your hands covered with dough.

Get it on Etsy for $14.

8. A Microplane for some next level cheese-grating and lemon-zesting.

Grating parmesan over risotto with that thing would make anyone feel like a true chef.

Get it from Amazon for $8.

9. A butter dish, because a good cook should always have room temperature butter close-by.

And also because this one is super cute!

Get it from Amazon for $13.

10. A print of the recipe of their favorite food to decorate their kitchen.

And so they never have to look online.

Get the chocolate chip cookies one on Etsy for $25. You can also get one for pizza, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and many more.

11. A salt server because salt is the most crucial ingredient.

No one wants their food to be bland.

Get it on Amazon for $23.

12. Filled with some really nice salt, because you don't only need salt, you need GOOD salt.

And there is no better salt than French salt!

Get it on Amazon for $10.

13. A scale to finally achieve that elusive perfect bake.

And to convert foreign recipes.

Get it on Amazon for $11.

14. A mortar and pestle for all the fans of homemade guacamole.

Or, you know, pesto, curries, and ground spices.

Get it on Amazon for $24.

15. A herb kit so they can grow their own herbs.

Rule of thumb: Your should always have some mint at home for last-minute mojitos.

Get it on Food52 for $20 each.

16. A food processor because it will 👏 change 👏 their 👏 lives 👏


Get one on Amazon for $22. Or get a bigger one for $32.

17. An apron so they never have to ruin their clothes.

This one even has an adjustable neck strap and everyone who's ever worn an apron knows that's a major plus.

Get it on Amazon for $13.

18. A carving guide to get some old school tips on their walls.

A great way to decorate a kitchen!

Get the print on Etsy for $12.

19. A great cookbook where they can find their next go-to recipes.

Clarkson Potter

Find a selection of our favorite cookbooks, here.

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