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    19 Things About French Supermarkets That Are Low-Key Fascinating

    The more you know!

    Hey there! I'm Marie. I'm French, but until last year I lived in the US. When I finally moved back home after seven years abroad, I realized how strange some of the stuff in our supermarkets might look to Americans. Here are a few examples.

    1. French milk isn't refrigerated and has a shelf life of several months.

    2. Eggs aren't refrigerated, either.

    3. One of the biggest brands of sugar is called "Daddy."

    4. There's an "American food" aisle — and its centerpiece is usually Marshmallow Fluff.

    5. White bread is often branded as "American" too.

    6. You can also buy crustless white bread.

    7. Unfortunately, you'll also find premade, prepackaged pancakes (???) in the breakfast aisle.

    8. This whole section of the snack aisle is dedicated to different types of madeleines.

    9. You need a coin to unlock the shopping carts.

    10. As you know, we love our cheeses. So much so that there's usually a huge cheesemonger stand in every big supermarket...

    11. addition to a full aisle of packaged cheeses.

    12. Let's head to the dessert aisle — another big passion of ours! There, you'll find a whole section exclusively dedicated to compotes.

    13. There's also a TON of individually packaged desserts.

    14. There's obviously an entire aisle dedicated to chocolate.

    15. You can buy alcohol in supermarkets.

    16. And many supermarkets have a selection of very fancy and VERY expensive wines.

    17. You have to bag your groceries yourself.

    18. We also have trashy tastes in junk food!

    19. And although peanut butter is weirdly unfamiliar to most French people, we DO love peanut-flavored chips.