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    17 "Emily In Paris" Facts That'll Make You Love (Or Hate) The Show Even More

    :: Waits patiently for Season 2 ::

    1. Patricia Field, the legendary costume designer for Sex and the City, also did the wardrobe on Emily in Paris.

    2. Place de l'Estrapade, the square where Emily lives in Paris, takes its name from a torture method that was popular during the Renaissance.

    Until 1687, this cute little place hosted an 'estrapade', or 'strappado', a torture instrument that is not exactly Instagram-friendly. It consisted in suspending the victim by a rope tied to the wrists, behind their back, resulting in dislocated shoulders.

    Twitter: @Max_Deforet

    That's because the quaint Parisian square where Emily discovers the joys of chocolate croissants and makes out with hot French chefs used to be the go-to spot to torture deserters and Protestants in Paris until 1687. Paris, the city of love and romance, am I right?

    3. The French actor who plays Camille is also named Camille in real life, and she's worked as a model.

    4. Lucas Bravo, who plays hot chef Gabriel in the show, used to actually work as a sous-chef.

    Lucas Bravo in Emily in Paris

    5. The little tour of Paris that Emily gets when she arrives in a cab from the airport makes zero practical sense.

    I couldn't resist mapping the cab ride montage. I swear I'm done

    Twitter: @JulesDrmnn

    I hope she gave the drive a generous tip because he literally went out of his way (multiple times) to show her the sights.

    6. Ashley Park, who plays Mindy, is a Broadway star, and it's her real singing voice you hear on the show.

    Ashley Park singing on Emily in Paris

    7. If William Abadie, the actor who plays Antoine Lambert, looks familiar to you, it may be because he also appeared on Gossip Girl.

    8. During filming, Lily Collins spent four months in Paris living as a local.

    Lily Collins in Emily in Paris

    9. They shut down the Paris Opera House for a night to film the opera scene.

    Scene at the opera

    10. And Emily's outfit during that scene is an homage to Audrey Hepburn.

    11. The set decorator used a "dog poop spray" for the scene where Emily steps into dog poop outside her apartment.

    Emily stepping in dog poop

    12. Lucas, Ashley, and Samuel Arnold (who plays Julien) lived together during the shoot.

    13. And Lucas broke into the wrong apartment trying to get into Ashley's place.

    Lucas Bravo on "Emily in Paris"

    14. Darren is fluent in French, although he won't admit it.

    Darren Star at a film premiere.

    15. Lou Malnati's owner didn't appreciate the joke Emily made about their deep-dish pizza.

    16. That burger Emily swoons over when she has lunch at Ralph Lauren's Parisian restaurant costs more than $36.

    A cheeseburger on a plate in "Emily in Paris"

    17. If the show gets renewed, the second season will further explore the relationship between Emily, Gabriel, and Camille.

    Gabriel, Camille and Emily