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19 Cuban Recipes That Deserve A Spot In Your Kitchen Rotation

I'll take two of everything.

Cuban Recipes Everyone Needs To Try

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean — and it's home to some of the best food and drinks in the world. 🇨🇺

Its cuisine mixes flavor-packed Hispanic and Creole influences and churns out favorites like savory ropa vieja and picadillo, plus drinks and desserts like classic mojitos and tres leches cake. Here's a sampling of some of the best Cuban recipes and dishes you can make at home!

1. Fricase de Pollo

A plate of fricase de pollo with white rice and fresh herbs.

2. Cuban Beef Empanadas

3. Ropa Vieja

A bowl of ropa vieja served over rice.

4. Cuban Sandwich (Cubano) by El Cochinito

A Cuban sandwich sliced and plated.

5. Cuba Libre

A Cuba libre cocktail garnished with lime.

6. Cuban Coffee (Cafecito)

Two cups of Cuban coffee.

7. Enchilado de Camarones

A plate of enchilado de camarones served over white rice.

8. Daiquiri

A glass of daiquiri.

9. Torticas de Morón

A sheet of torticas de moron.

10. Arroz Congri

A plate of arroz congri with a side of plantains.

11. Picadillo

A pan of picadillo.

12. Carne con Papas

A bowl of carne con papas

13. Tres Leches Cake

A slice of tres leches cake

14. Mojito

A glass of mojito

15. Pastelitos de Guayaba

16. Arroz con Pollo

A pan of arroz con pollo

17. Papas Rellenas

18. Quick Cuban Black Beans

A bowl of quick Cuban black beans

19. El Presidente

A glass of El Presidente

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