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Definitive Proof That French Men Are The Hottest

Tasty like a warm baguette.

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1. Louis Garrel

Just imagine if this were the first thing you saw in the morning.

2. Guillaume Canet

Young and innocent Guillaume Canet...

Or aged-like-fine-wine-Guillaume Canet? Take your pick.

3. Alain Delon

Recipe for the perfect pool-party: literally just him. Preferably naked.

Although, he also looks good with clothes on.

4. Jean-Paul Belmondo

It's more than a pout, it's an experience.

I want to be that cigarette right now.

5. Vincent Cassel

Just keep looking at me like this...

And I'll sign up for some private ballet classes.

6. Gaspard Ulliel

His jaws are so sharp, you could slice carrots with them.

And his side dimples aren't too shabby either.

7. Jean Dujardin

The true artist is whoever made this man.

8. Olivier Martinez

Yves Saint Laurent

I'd be Unfaithful too, if I could get it on with that man.

Yves Saint Laurent


9. Pierre Perrier

Canal Plus

*Pours cold bottle of Perrier all over body to cool down*

10. Nicolas Duvauchelle

That bad boy gaze...

...will light you right up.

11. Benoît Magimel

EuropaCorp Distribution

Smooth like a cool dad who knows how to chop wood and use his hands.

EuropaCorp Distribution

He also always listens to everything you say.

12. Mathieu Amalric

France 2 Cinéma

*le sigh*

13. Lambert Wilson

You forgot to add "hot as fuck" to the list.

14. Romain Duris

Mars Distribution

That laugh...

Those moves.

15. Tahar Rahim

Les Films Velvet

Just keep looking at the horizon and I'll keep looking at you.

16. Pio Marmaï

Just keep stroking your beard and I'll be stroking something else.

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