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    Here's How A French Costco Is Different From An American One

    If you need me, I'll be in the bakery section.

    Costco is an American staple — but it's also super popular overseas. A few years ago, the retailer opened its first location in France, in the suburbs of Paris.

    It's a good place to find American food in France, but the store also sells some specific products tailored to French consumers. Here are a few things you can find at a French Costco:

    Shopper pushing a cart through the aisles of Costco France.

    1. Let's start with the most important thing: the massive aisle of French cheeses.

    2. You can find huge pieces of Comté and wheels of Saint-Nectaire, a deliciously stinky soft cheese from Auvergne.

    3. Along with gigantic wheels of Brie.

    Extra large wheel of Brie cheese

    4. If you like your cheese melted, these oven-ready bulk packs of Camembert are for you.

    Four-pack of camembert cheese

    5. And if that wasn't enough to please all the cheese lovers, you can also get some aligot.

    Large package of aligot cheese.

    6. Looking for booze? They've got you covered with jumbo bottles of French rosé that could last a whole month.

    7. If you're feeling extra fancy, there's this bottle of champagne that goes for 1,595 euros (about $1,878).

    8. Speaking of booze, you'll also find liquor-infused ice cream.

    9. Elsewhere in the store, you can find extra-large odes to chocolate and candy from all over Europe — like Toblerone from Switzerland:

    A young boy proudly holding an extremely large bar of Toblerone chocolate

    10. And Kinder Bueno, THE best chocolate bar in the whole wide world, IMO.

    Kinder Bueno bars stacked at Costco France.

    11. Or even these big tubs of Haribo gummy sharks:

    Tubs of Haribo gummy sharks at Costco France

    12. One of the greatest finds at French Costco is these giant boxes of canelés — the little vanilla-flavored custard cakes from Bordeaux.

    13. They also sell bulk trays of petits fours, so you can treat yourself to a real French apéro.

    14. There are also fancy crepes and French chocolate cake mixes, if you're feeling lazy but still want a semi-homemade treat.

    15. If you're craving sweets and you don't want to cook at all, there are bulk crepes in the bakery section.

    16. Plus lemon meringue pies.

    Lemon meringue pies in the bakery at Costco France.

    17. Also in the bakery, there are (obviously) French baguettes...

    Baguettes lined up in the bakery at Costco France

    18. And croissants...

    Packages of croissants in the bakery at Costco France

    19. And madeleines so that shoppers can get their fill of the traditional, super-buttery cakes.

    Packages of Madeleines in the bakery at Costco France

    20. You'll also find some French brioche for breakfast.

    French brioche found in the bakery at Costco.

    21. Next to these classics, there is also a delightful specialty from Brittany called kouign amann.

    Kouign Amann cakes found in the bakery at Costco France.

    22. And for a savory treat, you can pick up a quiche lorraine — made with lard, onions, and heavy cream.

    Stacks of quiche lorraines in the bakery at Costco France

    23. Lastly, one of the best things about French Costco isn't even French. It's Canadian, and it's sold at the food court:

    That's right! You can get poutine at French Costco!

    Is there a Costco in your country? What are some of the best items you can get there? Leave them in the comments!