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Can You Guess The TV Show Based On The Kitchen?

So much drama happened in these kitchens.

BuzzFeed / NBC
  1. Which TV show is this kitchen from?

    Sony Pictures Television

    Breaking Bad

  2. What about this one?

    Todd Plitt/Getty Images
  3. And this one?


    This is from the Fuller House trailer but we will accept Full House too, since they're almost the same.

  4. Next, this one?

    20th Television
  5. How about this cluttered one?

    Sony Pictures Television
  6. And this one with a fancy fridge?

  7. Which TV show is this one from?

    Disney-ABC Domestic Television
  8. What about this colorful kitchen?

    Warner Bros. Television
  9. And this kitchen?

    20th Television
  10. How about this very traditional one?

    Actual Size Films
  11. Where is this kitchen from?

    TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images
  12. And this one?

    Paramount Television
  13. What about this one?

    Paramount Television
  14. Which TV show kitchen is burning in this pic?

    Margaret Norton/NBCU Photo Bank
  15. And which show is this kitchen from?

    CBS Television Distribution